Sunday, November 28, 2010

Future Female Protagonists coming from Hollywood

So with the recent revelation of the writer on the Buffy reboot, I thought it'd be a good time to do a rundown on all the upcoming female heroes coming our way.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer - Script written by Whit Anderson. Warner Brothers is looking to reboot the franchise without Whedon involved. Date is TBD.

Bubblegum Crisis - A multi-national joint venture that's looking to bring the adventures of the Knight Sabers to movie theaters. The Knight Sabers are 4 women who fight rogue 'boomers' created by the Genom Corporation. Priss, Nene, Linna and Sylia will be making their appearance on the silver screen in 2012.

Wonder Woman - Still in development hell over at Warner Brothers. It's undecided on how best to approach this whether a TV series would be prudent, or a theatrical appearance. So far it's all still TBD. *Update* Now it's officially going to be an NBC series.

Sucker Punch - The comic turned movie about one girl's escape from her imprisonment as well as reality will be hitting theaters March 25th, 2011. It is directed by Zack Snyder. It's also from Warner Brothers. Official Site.

Kick-Ass 2 - Still TBD, but it'll feature Hit-Girl yet again in all her kicking ass glory. Of course the title character will be returning too. So far it is all TBD, but check out the mini-series it'll be adapted from by Marvel as it's being released this and next year.

Tangled - The just recently released Disney feature that tells the story of Rapunzel and her escape to freedom. Official Site

Super - Frank and Libby, otherwise everyday people team-up to take on crime. Um, okay much more to that, but I don't think a small blurb can do this twisted tale justice. It's kind of hard to simplify Libby's sociopathic tendencies played poeticly by Ellen Page. Official Site

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo - A journalist and hacker enter into a life or death mystery as they unravel the pieces. Based on the Novel and Foreign film of the same name. Distributed by Sony.

Underworld 4 - Kate Beckinsale makes her return to the franchise, all info is still pretty shrouded in mystery but expect it in theaters sometime in 2012 possibly. Another from Sony.

Snow White and the Huntsman - Coming from Universal Pictures, this is a new take on the classic fairy tale. Not much is known except not to expect your parent's Snow White. Hits theaters December 21, 2012.

Red Riding Hood - Another new take on an age-old fairy tale. This one brought to you by the director of Twilight. This is another foray from Warner Brothers. It'll be hitting theaters March 2011. So are you afraid of the big bad wolf? Trailer

Then there's also Noir, Hanna, and Black Swan to add to the list as well.
Hanna being the most dentrimental to getting an X-23 origins feature rolling.

This is just a small rundown based on what's the most prevalent information right now. I may update later as I either remember, or find out about others.

Now even DC's Raven is becoming a series.

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