Thursday, July 4, 2013

October Spoilers~ And Marvel Editor Bullies Still?

I'm a bit behind on Marvel Comics reading.  Been caught up with lots of life stuff and other things.  Sometimes those breaks are good though.  When you're too caught up on the weeklies including TV shows and books, sometimes it can be annoying waiting week to week.  Plus this way I'll have a lot of reading I can do unabated.  No cliffhangers to make me bite my nails!

I do plan on going back over older work though.  I need to comb it for any details I may have missed before that seem relevant to discussions next month, September, and October, but I also thought that maybe this tidbit you guys might find useful or fun.

I know I get a kick out of it.  I think the design is rather... I don't know, it reminds me of something but I can't quite put my finger on it...

This tidbit caught my notice from Bleeding Cool which is in turn from CBR.
It looks like X-23 will be getting another half sibling added to the list!

Oh and for those curious.  Yeah, Stephen Wacker is still being his usual trolling bully self on the internet as noticed on the BC Forums.  Seriously dude, it's not cool.  Chill it.  Some of your digs might get you bit with the leashes gone.  Don't be a cyber-bully.  It's not smart, funny, or even adult.  Though uh, I do agree with you about mocking last names is juvenile. That stuff ain't cool. So yeah I let that one slide on by unnoticed here.  The other times though, your kids will see those someday and hang their head in shame at the name you made from your position.  Worse yet, you might troll yourself out of a job if the wrong people notice.  Support your family.  Don't risk that.  Be a man they can look up to.  You owe them that.  Consider this just a friendly reminder from someone who gave up Hope about starting his own.  So don't rock the boat.  It's easy to fall out of when you make your own waves.

Thankfully he's not an X-Office editor though.  That's where all the hip editors go and come from anyway.

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