Monday, July 8, 2013

Bleeding Cool Interviews Hugh Jackman About The Wolverine

Over on Bleeding Cool, they have an on set interview with Hugh Jackman about The Wolverine.  Giving us further detail into how they adapted and updated this story.

Few minor spoilers but it does yield that this film is indeed taking place after X-Men: The Last Stand it seems.  They also briefly gloss over the reason for the title change, and the retiring of the X-Men Origins titling style.  I've been increasingly agreeing with that point myself as it makes the title character stand out more as their own film and their own character without that in front.  Overall it's looking like this film will definitely be one to entertain and enjoy on many levels.  It comes out on July 26th.

Here's an extended peek at the train scene via machinima's Youtube channel.  Courtesy of and thanks to their Facebook page for the heads up.

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