Monday, July 22, 2013

Fox Prepping for an X-Force Film!

This came up before at Bleeding Cool with confirmations scattered about all over.

THR is reporting that Jeff Wadlow is writing the script and may also direct.

Okay, now that the boring stuff is out of the way.  What?  Yes I said boring!  This is just the greenlight indicators and nothing of detail as of yet.  The same happened to Magneto's movie too, and it got pushed into becoming X-Men First Class instead.  So let's digest this info as we get it.

What we can assume though?

Deadpool will make it in, Cable will probably make it in, and almost every X-Force incarnation has had Domino.  So those 3 are possibly most definitely certain.

Now the question is, what story will they be adapting?

They could be going classic futurescape vs Apocalypse.
They could do X-Force v3 Not Forgotten.
They could do both, with two X-Force teams, but that'd be too similar to Days of Future Past.
Then there's pretty much everything else that's out there in the comics or can be thought up.  Which could even mean Gambit added to the team.(Not saying he would be!  Just an example of anything they could pull up from what's been onscreen already!)

I'm holding out hope on Not Forgotten.  It'd finally add X-23 to the movie mix.  It'd allow for some Cable and Deadpool action.  Plus if re-written right, could also play up some of the anti-mutant human hate groups for disparity juxtaposition of the extremes.  It'd allow for a globe spanning multi-epic mission Die Hard so to speak too while also giving use boots to the ground mutant powers and arsenal strategies.

Chances are though with who they want to focus on this go around, we'll see something more akin to a classic X-Force story and roster with them fighting Apocalypse.  Some characters from Days of Future past on the future side will probably make the cut if rumors are true.  Characters like Sunspot and anyone else that might be from the New Mutants side that's featured there.

There are a lot of things to decide with this feature because of the characters.

Rahne Sinclair brings the religious fervor and story angles of her father.

Shatterstar brings in the understanding yourself side of the sexual identity coin.

Deadpool, well it's Deadpool, he's going to make the cut no matter what.

Cable is curious.  Days of Future past seems to be going the Ultimate Comics route of Wolverine as Cable, but what does that mean for the X-Force film itself?  Will we still see a 616 styled Cable?  Possibly, but the question remains on if there would be any connection to Cyclops then?  Cable has a very dense comic book trope character history(time travel, clones, and more!).  It's almost impossible to involve him without some kind of time travel unless you rewrite the character from the ground up.

Domino...  Well she's a fan favorite and mainstay.  She has to make the cut.

Wolverine.  Well he does drive a lot of audiences to theaters.

Warpath would be nice as we haven't had a native american X character on the big screen yet.

X-23 brings in a chance to highlight her and get audiences at large acquainted with her.  Potentially even preps for a solo movie of her own after the fact in a "Mirroring Wolverine's path but making it her own" type way.  The question here is if it's different enough from the second original X-Men feature.  Then again, that film was also hailed as one of the best, so maybe that's a good direction to take anyway.

I'm still leaning on, hoping for, nay even praying for it to be a combination of Messiah War and Not Forgotten.  While it would be similar to Days of Future past in many elements, it'd also allow for a wide array of cameos from classic X-Force characters like Tabitha "Boom Boom" Smith and could highlight many of the emotional plights of some characters.  It'd help set the stage for a retro comic based X-Force sequel as it'd establish Cable as from a future fighting Apocalypse.  May even give an easier rationale to bring him to the present to start his own formal X-Force team too( if he goes to the past, he inspired the one that brought him back, if he stays in their timeline, he picks up the mantle).  It'd open the door for an archangel appearance, and it'd also allow for a Stryfe storyline mixed with Apocalypse.  These stories are also very action heavy and would make a clear distinction as to why these aren't Xavier's X-Men.

That's where I personally lean at least.  Fox's penchant to change things could be worked in their favor here to give us both, Comic inspired new version in soul, but classic in the making for the future.  Best to come out on the ground swinging to further establish the groundwork, and yet also yield to making a bigger classic character roster sequel.  Start out with the tightly knit group from v3, with them bringing Cable back from the future by accident mid-mission to stop the FoH/Purifiers.  (A ramification of Days of Future Past? They want to make sure the future is good now?). Then a bit of character-centric piecing the current roster that won't carry over, like X-23's Not Forgotten story with Kimura.   Then end with a Wolverine's mission is done, so he tries take Laura someplace peaceful, like the Xavier school after her ordeal.  This leaves the team wide open for new leadership with Cable and his trying to prevent the rise of Apocalypse and recruiting the team that can do that now since Logan has left.

Maybe it's just me.  I like the title "X-Force: Not Forgotten."  It really speaks to all the characters we've been told could show up but haven't yet on the big screen.  Though to be honest, anything they do will have my butt in the theater watching and enjoying it.  Fox and Marvel have really stepped up their game on the X-Franchise, and it's a joy to see it grow.

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