Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Off Topic But Not Really: Stars Dance

So today Selena Gomez's Stars Dance album has been released.  I don't normally talk about album releases on here.  Not really on point to what here is.  Well sometimes.

I like to make exceptions randomly because of my own tastes.  Heck this place is pure my flavor now so why not.  There is a point to it though this time.  This album is very powerful.  Every song is full of emotion and just pure will of singing "this world is amazing, every step is heaven if you let it be, every emotion just screams how alive we are."  It's an amazing album.  Well, the only reason I'm even plugging it is because it's making me too damn glowy, happy, as well as laughing and smiling.

So here's a quick rundown on my thoughts about it.

1. Birthday - Um, okay no comment here.  Great song and it's a fantastic reminder why birthdays matter, why enjoying life matters.

2. Slow Down - Wow.  Umm, okay I'm just going to walk over here.  Love this song, but yeah so not touching trying to analyze it.  Way too hypnotic.

3. Stars Dance - My personal favorite.  Okay one of many of my personal faves, but one of the few I'll openly say is!  Err, until you ask nicely at least!  It just holds a special meaning for me.  I don't know how to explain it.  Just strikes the right chords.

4. Like a Champion - Ingenious.  Amazing song.  Utterly pure genius down to even the little drummer boy allusions.  Simply put it's a powerful song.  Anthem worthy even for every person out there that needs that reminder.

5. Come & Get It - Already covered this one.  The one that caught my attention to this album entirely.

6. Forget Forever - I'm skipping this one.  Good song, but not one I want to comment on.  Ever.

7. Save the Day - Amazing. Awesome.  Not much I can really say about this one except that it's a joy to listen to.

8. B.E.A.T. - This one's a bit different.  Um, again no comment.  I like it, but yeah not one to over think...

9. Writer Your Name - I was adverse to this song a bit after the teaser seemed to focus on the wrong aspect, but after hearing the full song, it's really grown on me.  Amazing song and message.

10. Undercover - Again no comment.  Still catchy though.

11. Love will Remember - Again no comment.  Good song.

The album is out in stores and on itunes now!  So if you're a fan, go get it!  It's worth every penny!

If they ever do manage to get an X-23 movie off the ground and going.  She should definitely be included on the music.  Between her and Lizzy Hale of Halestorm, there's not many other bands and singers that I can think of that truly shine and rock with what's needed.  They both carry the raw emotion needed and all their songs have just real raw emotional power behind them because of it.  If it were up to me, an X-23 feature would probably have both Selena Gomez and Halestorm on the album alongside a dash of Within Temptation, and appropriately suited orchestral scores that have a dash of techno rock hybrid.

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