Saturday, July 13, 2013

X-Men: Days of Future Past - The Rumors

So I've been out of the loop for a bit.  Okay a long bit.  I stopped paying attention entirely just wanting to go to the movies and enjoy them without knowing too much ahead of time.

Well I broke that today.  Started looking up stuff to figure out if Marvel really did plan on killing Gambit off and how that could work story-wise with other brewing ideas centered around an idea with Gambit as a were-panther/tiger/feline(yeah, campy I know, but it could work well for a Halloween or Fairy Tale story, plus the pussy cat jokes with him just makes it fun).  While looking that up, I kept bumping into more and more X-Men: Days of Future Past stories and rumors.

Lots of interesting details it seems.  Much of the scattered rumors seem like a mess, but much of it also seem like an attempt to have Marvel and 20th Century Fox play nice with each other.  We've got rumors of Misty Knight of Heroes 4 Hire fame possibly having a cameo.  Rumors of Mystique's future self using clothes for her outfit once her powers came back, and also rumors that seem to play up to the Ultimate X-Men rendition of this story with how Wolverine was Cable potentially.

All around it sounds promising.  There's also tidbits about Emma Frost being the mother to Emma and Kayla from X-Men Origins: Wolverine, which could potentially alleviate that story inconsistency.  Granted I'd still prefer they go the vanity brain switching route, but this still works in their favor to have an Emma Frost for modern day features.  There's also a rumor circling of Apocalypse making an appearance at the end of the film to set the stage for a 3rd prequel that will tie it all back together for the other films.

All around, count me excited.
Then again, I was already excited for it anyway.

It seems that Fox and Marvel are finally working together well.  The addition of Mark Waid to consulting with Fox on the films seems to have really panned out well so far.

Personally I'm still hoping they plan on doing a New Mutants stand alone feature after the trilogy, but only time will tell.  There's much they can do between the main titles that won't interfere if they tread over new characters with a few mainstays that would still be alive in that time frame.

There's also a few things to keep in mind though depending upon how they are approaching this film.
The main one being this film deals with time travel and alternate realities.  Potentially the Days of Future Past future timeline is the aborted one and their corrections with time are what lead to the original X-Men trilogy.
They could also pull a Star Trek and create a divergent timeline, but considering "The Wolverine" is following in the steps of a post-X-Men Last Stand timeline, this seems unlikely.

Either way.  I didn't find the rumors I was looking for about Gambit, but instead found lots of stuff that just has me saying yay over and over instead.

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