Monday, July 8, 2013

Cameron's Battle Angel Set for 2017!

Over on Screenrant, they have a piece that talks about an interview Cameron did recently where he mentions his plans to still do the Battle Angel Alita adaption for the big screen.  It will be going underway after Avatar 2 and 3 wrap and should be seeing a release towards 2017!

I was an avid fan of the manga as a youth and greatly enjoyed the anime adaption, so I look forward to what Cameron could do with this property.  The amount of action visuals it could entail will be interesting to see how they are translated to the big screen.  Only a few other already established characters I can think of could ever match.   X-23 of course being one of those, the Knight Sabers being another, and almost everything after that I'm drawing blanks on.

Here's hoping he lives up to the amazing work it's based off of, themes and all!

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