Sunday, July 14, 2013

From Anniversary to Birthday: A Change in Plans.

While Kinney Pride was originally planning to celebrate X-23's character premiere to the world as a 3 month ordeal, we're cutting that back a bit.  We will still be celebrating X-23 day that year as it's just all around awesome it hits on a Wednesday this year, but there are other team Anniversaries that are also around this time, including that of the X-Men themselves.  That's right, X-23's first official team she joined will have their 50th anniversary this year too.

So instead here will be opting to celebrate her birthday with a post on the 23rd minute of every hour.  With the weeks following having material provided by fans or be focused on gathering all the details that others do to celebrate it.  KP is still aiming to have a post for every day between that date and the proposed end date, but the heaviest will be on her actual birthday.

This will include all bits from what's being aired on TV, to fan appreciation, and even creator commentaries if they so choose to on other sites(or here if they'd prefer, all submissions are welcome at the venues suggested).

KP will still be trying to keep a few surprises, but right now I'd like to use this window to give others a chance to step forward about any and all topics they'd like pertaining to the character or even the rule of 23 if they'd like.

I will still be scattering some other carry-overs from proposed work that didn't quite make it to their final form in some manner or another for various times they were planned(and I do plan on doing them still once I can allocate what's needed better), so let's use this time to discuss the topics that can be hard at times, but also have some fun about things we'd like to see the character do or things we've loved that the character has done.

I'd also like to add some other contributors to here.  So if you have a Blogger account and would like to help, please by all means pass me a message at the mentioned venues.

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