Wednesday, June 26, 2013

X-23 Anniversary Prep! Please Join!

I'm still doing more work on the X-23 anniversary entries and prep work.  Getting quite heavy at times while at others it's a little bit more... varied on topics than I feel comfortable saying as yet.

I want to point out though immediately.  We have an open window of time here.
Outside of a handful of new shows and movies, there is a conveniently open window for digital entertainment.  Use it.  Work with it.  Do something for it.

While we here at Kinney Pride will be focusing on X-23 and do indeed want all fans or pro-women's rights advocates to speak, those aren't the only topics that can be covered.

X-23 entails everything from depression, suicide, cutters, being different, and growing from life.  She's the underdog that can't be stopped.  She can be spun around and used, but she roars back harder once free to prevent that from happening to others.

She is a character that stands for freedom of all.  Whether they are Christian, Muslim, Jewish, or Atheist, she stands to protect your rights.  Whether you're gay, straight, bisexual or transgender, she stands for your rights.  When it comes to children or teens needing someone to stand up against adversity, she stands taking all damage to protect whether she can heal from it or not.

X-23 is the ultimate Big Sister in Marvel.  She is the nanny who has been through the ringer and back, yet she still stands.  Whether it's fans that try to demean her, other writers, or even off handed video game one liners, she's still standing and won't give up,  She's a hero to many, and though life is rough, she moves forward.  Sometimes she needs the help of her friends to do so, and at other times only the memories of them are available to carry her forward.

So if you'd like to say something about X-23, or would like to share something about her, be it a confession, a piece of art work, a short film, an opinion about female comic character treatment, an opinion on female talent treatment, anything at all that you want to do to express your voice and appreciation or disdain as the case may be, please do so!  You can send it to us here through with 4kinneypride in the header(this will reach me directly), or you can send us links to where you want to put this work of yours that way too.  You can also reach us at the Kinney Pride facebook group or me more directly at my DeviantArt account or Youtube link on the side as well.  The Deviant art group is also drawn upon heavily for here, so you can reach us there too.

All we ask is that you please have submissions in by August 1st so that we have time to go through them and order them for the time duration of August 2nd-October 23rd.  We understand not all work can be completed in that time and are allowing for late submissions too as per various schedule conflicts.  We will try to stay on top of the information as much as we can, but please understand we are only human.  This is why I've personally been trying to get ahead of the curve on entries so that I will have time to organize submitted material that pertains to any topic that you feel X-23 could help you voice.  So please by all means, use this opportunity to do so.  This is open to all of the public.  No matter what station you have or are in life we would like you to voice your thoughts and opinions.    Even if yesterday was the first time you even heard of X-23, please do not feel like you shouldn't speak.  If you'd like to keep your name private, that's fine too.  We all have our reasons for that no matter how much others may want to condemn anonymity as cowardly.  It's not.  They just feel it is because they can't retaliate or bully truth when it's used right.

I've never been hiding from the big companies though.  They've always known who I am.  So let me take any heat that may come.  I'm not afraid of them and never have been.  You all should feel free to voice what you want how you want to on these topics.  Don't let anyone tell you differently.

If you are a big company and would like to join in.  Please do so.  We do not mind whatsoever.  The more the merrier.  Whether it be an offbeat Robot Chicken sketch, a story or several from Marvel, even special trade paperbacks, Deadpool game DLC, Marvel vs Capcom 3 DLC, or what have you, please by all means do so!  The only limit is you and it is all much appreciated!

We here at Kinney Pride look forward to hearing from you, the fans and readers.  Help us make this anniversary the stuff dreams are made of.  Make it an outpouring of love and affection for this character.
If not now, then when?  If not for her, then who?  So let's be heard!

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