Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Off-Topic Perpetuity: Come & Get It!

With the duration of the timer being up in prepping for the X-23 Anniversary, I missed a lot of different varied things that this blog does normally cover.  These include all kinds of things like TV references, and more.

Something else that's been missing though is how I used to get a little bit more bouncy and all over the place with music and inspiration and what helps me create ideas and think.  Music has always been the thing that keeps me sane.  Though sometimes it's also what drives me insane too.  Music is something that rests in our hearts, our souls, and also our minds.  It sings to us of our memories, our hopes, our dreams.  Sometimes even our future can be found within music.  The universal math and emotion it carries surrounds us all.  Music can unite and divide people.  That's just the power it has from the raw feelings it can create or bring to the surface.  When harnessed well, it can harmonize the human condition and how they relate to their fellow man.

And okay so yeah.
I'm trying to BS my way into making an excuse to post another Selena Gomez video because I liked the song and she has a new CD coming up called Stars Dance that'll be released on July 23rd.  Oh hey!  There's a 23!  What was that thing I said a long time ago?  Oh yeah!  If you say 23 often enough, I'll feel obliged to plug it on this blog.  Looks like I have my excuse after all.

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