Saturday, June 1, 2013

Something a Little Different To Please.

Life's just been so hectic lately, and I'm really just kind of doing this entry to kill time before I go pick a friend up from work since he doesn't have a car yet, but I thought the song very poignant to what here deals with, and what I'd like here to start to dive into. We all have scars from life. That's just life. There's a point though where you have to make a choice. Will it define me or will I define me? I made my choice, and I'm not looking back. The only time I will look back is when I feel others need... a fable, or life story to help gain perspective for themselves like others have provided me. Yes, there is a way to cure X-23 of all her issues. Not a miracle cure either, it'll be a rough time for her during it, but it really could solidify her to herself. I just don't know who to thank for that realization and oh so simples truth.

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