Monday, June 10, 2013

Quick Update in Prep for the June 16th Update!

Yes, I'm still typing away and trying to get other stuff together still.  The CG animation plans have completely taken a step back for now, though I do still plan on getting those ideas better scripted.  I had been working mostly from my brain on that end.

Right now I'm trying to catch up all the entries and topics I want to cover during the anniversary and even figure out what those are again.  So many details and plans got upheaved that I pretty much just screwed myself on the workload.  I'm a fighter though.  I won't stop trying, I won't stop typing until I'm done.  Well with breaks of course so my fingers can rest.

There's still a major update to come on June 16th. I'm still working out getting that together and the images for that alongside whatever else I need done to prep for it, but keep your eyes open for that day.  That update will hopefully open KinneyPride up in a new fashion to readers and their friends alike.  I hope it'll also open the door to allow others to contribute in anyway they'd like or share opinions on many topics that correlate to all the things X-23 herself can represent to the people and the world to which they belong.

X-23 has always had issues finding her own voice.  A void that often gets filled with various facades or cover identities to blend in, but rarely her own voice.  It's time for that silence to end.

She's a comic book character though, but she's a character that can represent every lost little boy and girl.  Every abused child be it sexual, physical, or emotional harm done to them.  She is every fan, every boy, every girl that's ever been driven to extremes because of the world's insanity and yet still stood up to say no.  I will not be the monster you tell me I should be and I will not hide.  I am right here.  Come and get me if you dare.  I will not be pushed around anymore.  I will talk.   I will act.   I will fight.  I will live.  And.  I.  Will.  Not.  Be. Stopped.

While we don't get to hear X-23's voice that often.  We can make ours be heard.  We can speak.  We need to speak.  I hope the surprise I have in store for June 16th will start to allow that; to allow us all to use our voices for the better.  It might be a simple addition, but I do hope it allows us to grow and speak more freely and responsibly.  I hope it will start to allow KinneyPride and X-23 herself to start to grow and reach new heights for both the fans and the world she lives in.

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