Saturday, June 1, 2013

X-23 10th Fan Anniversary: How You Can Help

My apologies for the long hiatus on updates. Life was getting rather heavy with other things, and then I got completely sidetracked by some rather bizarre happenstances recently after already getting derailed from my plans before from lack of will. My sincere apologies over this. My distraction almost let you guys down, and that's far from what I wanted.  My greatest weakness got exploited as well, but it also happened in such a manner that it actually made me want to fight harder than ever before.  So I'm not sure what the intent was there.

I am making some changes to my side of the plans though(still planning on trying to get some of the original plans back in one piece though too!). I still have more images and icons I need to update and tweak, but as always I want this anniversary to be a united front of celebration. I've personally had a lot of mud flung my way over this because of god knows what others were thinking this was about, but ignore those whispers. All they know is what they think they see. While I do thank them for helping in the spots that needed it, they are starting to try and push the very things they claimed to want to stop. I cannot abide that, so they are being tuned out like white noise.  They don't know me or really anything about my life or how I live and why, so really all this jumping to conclusions is causing quite an internal reaction of defiance from me towards them even greater than normal.  I know that's not the direction to go either, but I will not be "be put in my place" by anyone that is not doing it without the best of intentions.  Otherwise you might see a quite different reaction than you've ever seen from me in the past.

I would love for the fans to be a major part of this anniversary though, as I would also love it if fans could take more part in KinneyPride too.

I've added a filter system to the e-mail attached to this blog. is setup to receive e-mails pertaining to X-23 and if you'd like for it to be used on the blog, simply mark the subject line as "4kinneypride" all one word no quotes.

In the body of the message, include a brief introduction of yourself, followed by the Title of the article you'd like to use, and then your article or link to your Deviantart work or other sites you may work with. You will get all credit for any volunteered submitted work as well as more exposure from this blog dedicated to anything you write that is deemed appropriate for public consumption. And please, include how you'd like it to be used. Copy pasted or just linked to your own account somewhere so that you maintain full control. I am not looking to take your work. I want you to get full credit and trackbacks that are possible that you would like.

While the blog does in essence deal with a rated R character, that doesn't mean we have to be vulgar and immature for no reason. Let us stand with honor and love or not do this at all.

I have also gone and overhauled a DeviantArt group system so submissions should be easier now. The voting system is entirely gone (I wasn't all that comfortable about it to begin with). You can find it over at the X-23 UnOfficial Fan Anniversary Collection Committee on DeviantArt.

So again, if you'd like your work or an article or how you feel about X-23 and what she's meant to you displayed on Kinneypride please mark the subject line of the e-mail as 4kinneypride and send it to so that it can be added.

Please include how you would like to be credited or if you'd like to be credited. I can understand many may not feel comfortable stepping forward with the heaviness that this character sometimes entails. I myself have sometimes gone withdrawn due to the darkness too. So let's make this about hope, not the darkness. Let's show the world you can push us down all you want, we will stand right back up, dust ourselves off, and keep fighting for what we think is right. If you'd like to do that as anonymous confessions over an image, that's fine too. I must warn you though that some discretion will be taken due to the content if deemed far too dangerous. That's not to say some messages can't help others, but we are not here to publicize or contribute to anything that could harm the essence and growth of what this character stands for as well as the growth and understanding of the fandom at large.

Thank you again for your time. I look forward to hearing from you all in the future. Let's make this a great anniversary.

Again, all are welcome to celebrate this. I gave Marvel a heads up roughly 3 years ago. I don't know if they are doing anything for this or not, but we shall see. Everyone is entitled to their privacy in how they would like to celebrate this character or if they are going to celebrate this character. All we can do is hope they would never let the fans down. That's something they try not to do anyway though, so I have faith in them as a whole.

Please remember, if you have any questions at all, feel free to ask.  That's all it takes to get an answer.  Celebrations will commence August 2nd this year as per when her episode first aired on TV through X-Men Evolution and will continue on through until October 23rd, 2013.  A day that KinneyPride has affectionately and unofficially coined as X-23 day which is during a time Marvel once called Weapon X month.  I thought it was rather fitting.
Still yet more details to come later!
Next Major Update will be on June 16th!

And Marvel, if there's anything else you'd like me to remove or change, do it by the appropriate e-mail at the bottom and try to remember please and thank you.

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