Friday, June 21, 2013

A Life Not Loved Is Still Lost

How do you write something like this?  Am I actually at a loss for words for once?

That's what keeps running through my head as I look over this book a relative gave me.  It's called "Sometimes God Has a Kid's Face."  It's a book by Sister Mary Rose McGeady about children who have gotten lost in the cracks.

It's a piece of literature that tells stories from Covenant House.  They are an organization that helps children find their future.  They help teach them how to live again after everything they've had to go through.

In all this talk of "charities" and "causes" sometimes the simplest and most honest one is the best.  This is one I throw my full support behind barring any information I am not aware of as yet pertaining to them.  Yes it is a religion based group, but that doesn't mean it's bad.  They aren't about judging or condemning, only about restoring strength and hope.  They want to help kids believe in themselves again.  That is their mission.  They don't tell you that God wanted this for you, in fact quite the opposite.  They tell you things like this make God sad too as he never wanted that to happen to them or anyone.

They have branches all over the country and they provide safe houses for children of all walks of life.

This seems like a weird topic to bring up here of all places.  Though to be honest, that's exactly where it should be brought up.

Some of the best stories that have been told with X-23 have been her in a mentor type fashion or protectorate type role.  She actually probably would make the ultimate guidance counselor having learned her trade through life itself and the hardships it brings.

You can find more information on Covenant House by clicking that hyperlink.  I sincerely cannot find the words to praise this place from what I've read about them and their work.  I do plan on following this article up with a visit to them, but for now I have to juggle other needs as I get the X-23 anniversary together for August 2nd to October 23rd. (In other words, I wrote this back in May, scheduled it for August, but then decided to throw it up in June instead because of their fundraiser drive.  So please donate and help them.  It is out of context now as per when it was written previously and my apologies for that, but their fiscal year ends on June 30th.)

I will be scattering entries like this throughout the X-23 anniversary though.  X-23 is a heavy topic that can be a magnet for those that need that light.  So I would like to make sure the resources are available throughout this time to make sure everyone has the support they may need, or a place to reach out to, or even a place they may believe in that they may want to donate to.

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