Sunday, June 16, 2013

KinneyPride on Facebook!

Yup that's right!  Today marks the launching of our Facebook page!
With it will come admins, discussions, and even more ways for the fans to contribute to each other and communicate about X-23!

So do it nicely or we will ban you.
I kid. I kid.
We do believe in the free expression of thoughts, opinions, and speech, but please refrain from name calling or other forms of abuse towards your fellow fans.  This is not a haven for piracy, but please by all means feel free to share artwork you like of X-23, or anything you'd like to say about her or discuss.

Leave any ill-will towards others at the door.  If you do have an problem with another user, please take it to an admin who will either try to settle the dispute or pass it up on higher to be handled.  While we aren't baby-sitters we do care about our fan's well-being.

Leave any friction causing to the big boys that already have their heads on the chopping blocks anyway.  Better that way for your safety, and my neck has gotten used to resting on that block anyway.

By staying on your best behavior, you may be surprised what follows.  This will also let me start finding new volunteers for this blog for content too.  I do apologize as this blog isn't quite that large in audience(at our peak during grass roots advertising only it reached a little over 3000 hits a month, at our lowest about 250 hits a month), so for the time being all submissions have to be voluntary or free until that changes.  I do promise though that as soon as that changes, we will hire on the staff per as we can afford to.  So the plan in the long term is to eventually make this profitable for those involved and continue to grow from there as you are rewarded for what and how much you contribute(I use the freelance model by design as this blog is currently entirely independent and fan oriented).

Until then, we will work out a model per what is appropriate for the work contributed.  As I've said many times before, I am not interested in taking credit for work that is not mine nor profiting off of it.  All I'm here for now is to be a guide when needed or asked, or provide what I can where I can, when I can.

You can find the official Facebook group at this hyperlink. It's just freshly opened, so please excuse the mess. Our current janitor is quite hard headed and rarely listens to anyone but his own headphones.

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