Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Another Bottle of Catch up: The Wolverine

Well during the long hiatus of trying to get things together for the anniversary, a lot of off-handed references to X-23 or other X-Men movie news was lost in the shuffle.

One in particular coming up is the new Wolverine movie, The Wolverine.

So without further ado, or really cause it's already waited to the point everyone's seen the trailers already...
Here we go!

Personally, count me excited!  Though I might be one of the few that enjoyed the first one and thinks it easily fits into the rest of the series so far.  I think the same of this one too, but I'd need to see it first of course to know where in that timeline.  We as fans though need to stop calling things "bad" just because we don't like it.  Discuss the points with each other.  See what you like or don't.  Discuss the ideas presented and potential, but don't just hate it because you don't understand it.  That just makes us weep for your silence.

Speaking of timelines though!  X-Men: Days of Future Past seems to be shaping up too!  Haven't read much on what's going on with it, but that's another entry to come soon as I do!  Can't wait to dive back into figuring out where the continuity pieces are on that one to fit to the whole.  I've really missed that part of these movies.  Which might explain why I'm biased towards what Fox is giving us.  Is it perfect?  Nope, but it's definitely stepping stones that can still be used for the whole.  To say and think otherwise is just being lazy.  Yes I will continue to say and think that.

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