Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Marvel's Share Your Universe

Marvel has a new family oriented and kid friendly initiative for social media and other content to help expand their audience reach and also still give kids an appropriate outlet for their favorite heroes.  Part of it can be found in the link at the entry below this, and the Facebook page for Share Your Universe is up and active now too.  It'll also allow people to more easily share and talk about their favorite heroes and interact with Marvel along with a whole list of other goodies soon to be available that include streaming shows to digital comics and more!

As the Facebook page states:

Marvel is YOUR Universe. Now, make it THEIRS. Get the latest information on family-friendly Marvel comics, movies and TV series to help you share your passion for Marvel characters and stories with the next generation of fans. And tell us about the Marvel Moments you share together!

I gotta say, this gets major brownie points from me personally.  Kudos to them.  This is an awesome idea.  I hope it proves successful and they do continue it.  This is something I think everyone can agree on as kids, whether they be children of fans, creators, or just little sisters and brothers, will always be the future.  Just remember to use parental guidance based on their ages! (Shouldn't need to be said, but with anything on the net, do not let it become their babysitter!)

The only thing I could even think they could add to it would be a postcard system too.  There still is a rather unique feeling getting a postcard from those you admire.  There used to be birthday clubs like this too.  It'd be an interesting addition if they considered it.  Postcard on the Run is a platform that could also make this more feasible for them.  Then it'd just be a matter of a database for parents to help kids select or of age fans to select their favorite hero for which holidays they celebrate alongside their birthday.  They have heroes that cover the full spectrum of holidays and people do love reminders from their favorite heroes too.  The artwork shouldn't be too problematic with the full library available they have.

That idea might be a bit archaic, but it could work wonders blended into the system they are starting to establish now.  It'd also be a great "thank you for your support" type venture.  The not-so-antiquated thank you card.

Either way, I'd love to see how this grows.  I hope it starts paving the way for a much friendlier and positive Marvel future.  A future where kids can look up to their heroes and the people behind them.  Avengers Assemble and Ultimate Spider-man seem to be great starts to this initiative too! (Seriously Jeph Loeb, amazing work on those.  Be sure to pat your team on the back for all their hard work, and don't forget yourself too!)

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