Monday, July 22, 2013

Off Topic: Rule of 23 Override (A Song and Birthday).

Cut me some slack here.  It is rule 23 after all with her album being released stateside on 7-23-2013.  Besides, today is her 21st birthday too.  Oh sorry, yeah I mean the woman I keep saying would be the perfect X-23 for an origin movie.  Selena Gomez turns 21 today, and Kinney Pride and myself wish her a happy and safe birthday.  Welcome to casinos, bars, and whatever else was limited before!

Plus new videos from her new album.  Makes me hope they all get videos at this rate.  So many great dramatic shots, that show a wide variety of possibilities and wealth of talent for whoever is directing them.  Not sure on the full credits for each.

Happy 21st Birthday!

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