Monday, July 8, 2013

Pre X-23 Anniversary Spotlight: Timing is Everything

I've talked about this quite regularly.  In fact, nearly the entire X-23 film idea I've been pushing has been built around this marketing point.

Her 10th anniversary is this year.  2013 is also an anagram of 1023 which when broken down equals X-23 by american date standards.  This year the date itself of 10-23 even falls on a Wednesday. Wednesdays are commonly known as new comic book day for us comic book readers and collectors.

An alignment like this won't happen again with her anniversaries.  Even looking at the calendar, these dates won't line up again.  October 23rd of 2023,  her 20th anniversary using that date, falls on a Monday. (I turn 40 on a Monday?  Well that just sucks.)

So after this year, any chances of that marketing gimmick goes out the window.  That's not to say it closes the book on a chance for her movie though!  It just means it pushes the date back onto her real anniversaries and changes the marketing direction.  Sad to see something this amazing just tossed aside, but it does happen.  Could it still happen this year?  Well yes, but it's highly unlikely considering no information whatsoever has been coming out about this at all.  None of the parties involved have ever shown any kind of inclination towards surprise anniversary parties either.  Though I do have to admit the prospect of that as a marketing ploy in itself is rather... Intriguing to say the least.

There still are things that could be done though for it!
If the powers that be could get together and work together, we could still see a direct to DVD release of many things.  X-23's X-Men Evolution episodes X-23 and Target X could be released on DVD or even edited together to make a mini animated film(in which case they should also throw in the Captain America episode of that same series called Operation: Rebirth as an extra).  Marvel could release the origin miniseries as a motion comic like they have for other titles.  They could release an essential trade or best of collection.  Marvel's ties to Madhouse could also yield an anime movie of X-23 or even a brief series.  Potentially at this juncture the best route would be a short form burst style of mini-sodes that can be combined to form a feature.  Something Hasbro themselves had done previously with G.I. Joe Resolute to magnificent results among the fans.  Disney XD themselves could also air the episodes from X-Men Evolution or the edited together version of her two episodes followed by Hulk vs Wolverine.  If Nickelodeon still has the rights to air Wolverine and the X-Men, they could do the same with the episodes Stolen Lives and the three part Foresight episode.  X-23 appeared or was mentioned in two Super Hero Squad episodes too that Hasbro's TV channel venture the Hub could air back to back.  There's no shortage of material from reruns for planning around the main date at all.  It's just a matter of if anyone would do it.

Kinney Pride will be celebrating her anniversary over the time frame as discussed with a myriad of topics and issues, but also more.  We're going to do it with our own style.  Love it or hate it, much of how this blog will approach it is going to vary all over the spectrum of topics and approaches.  Plan A has been chucked out the window, while plans X, Y, and Z are off limits, but that still leaves plans B through W.  I think using all of them might be the best route for here.  Why limit to just one when they all propose some fun?  I've been writing based around the doubled up letter plans anyway(the depressing ones), so maybe it's time to throw the normal ones back into play instead.  It is a celebration after all.  A celebration that's for the character and for her fans.  So hopefully there will be something for everybody.  Stuff to help uplift you, stuff to laugh with and enjoy, yet also stuff that'll make you think and hopefully question the world around us about how can we make it better.

25 days to go.  All aboard the crazy train.  Let's all make it rock just in case no one else will!

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