Tuesday, November 5, 2013

New Wolverine Sequel In The Works?

According to Deadline, Twentieth Century Fox is in negotiations with James Mangold and Hugh Jackman about a new Wolverine movie.  Currently the story is under wraps.

It's unknown where in the timeline it may take place or what story it may adapt.  This could be something entirely original, or we could see more expanding of the comic territory with another story arc adaptation.

Also currently unknown of course is as to who may cameo.  As that's entirely dependent on the story they approach.  Personally, I'd like to see them extend into his family ties if even just by cameo(makes it easier to explore their stories in their own spin off films later).  Though we're also missing the years between X-Men Origins: Wolverine and his appearance in the original X-Men film too.  A story that could help establish what happened to Victor Creed between films or even help further establish Gambit's character and his now growing history with Wolverine, or even explore Mr. Sinister as a villian.

Only time will tell, but keep your eyes peeled as more details come to light in the months to come.

I'd keep my fingers crossed for X-23: Daughter of Wolverine based extremely closely to the X-23: Target X miniseries. Though as great as that'd be under Mangold, I'd like to see them stick to it closer as an empowerment piece using the suggested The Women method but in a behind the scenes manner.  If they do manage to work an X-23 cameo in though via this taking place after The Wolverine, it would make for an easier transition into her own origin spin off.  The same as X-Force would give her if they do the same.  If anything, they could also pick up that story as an ending after credits teaser that blends into the end of X-23: Target X with it's X-23 vs Wolverine fight.  All that'd need is for the sequel itself to end with him returning to the Xavier School for the setup to still mesh to the end of X-23: Target X.

Then again, it is a very character-centric piece that could still be carried as an empowerment piece with minor tweaks to the story.  So I'd still be first in line at the theater if that's the route they went for the next Wolverine feature.  Plus it'd work in their favor on the time table aspect too.  With Hugh Jackman's time eaten up by other films right now, having only 2 major scenes that he would have to film could still fit within his schedule in theory. Since the rest of the movie would be focused on Laura's story and the characters related to it.

What?  Can't blame a fan for trying.

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