Wednesday, November 13, 2013

X-23 and Laboratories: How Will She React to the Weapon X Compound?

Warning!  Spoilers ahead if you haven't read All-New X-Men #18!

It's been no secret that X-23 isn't fond of things that remind her of the Facility or the work they did.  It's been an influential aspect to her character for awhile now.

It's not much of a surprise why that is really when you look at her origins.  The Facility themselves tortured her for corporate greed in trying to create the ultimate weapon for them to sell to all manners of clientele.

She was kept in a sterile, devoid of emotion and warmth white room for nearly all of her childhood. (X-23 v1 issue 2.)

A room they kept at extreme temperatures to make her mature physically faster in trying to activate the X-gene. (X-23 v1 issue 2.)

When that didn't work, she was tortured by their equipment. (X-23 v1 issue 2.)

Tortured again and again by their devices and cruelty to create Triggerscent. (X-23: Target X issue 3 and X-23 v1 issue 2.)

Just to be thrown back into the room again with no comforts or support given after every experiment. (X-23 v1 issues 1-6.)

Given impossible orders on purpose and then beaten for not being able to do what was ordered. (X-23: Target X issue 4.)

All when she was still growing up and in her formative years.  It's no wonder she has such apprehension towards hospitals and labs or lab tech with this kind of childhood.

We've seen it in her discomfort while being in a hospital during the v3 comic run as her anxiety in the hospital grows.  Between the fire and Beezle-Bubs machinations though it's complicated even further.(X-23 v3 issue 2.  Also featuring a sneaky Gambit cameo.)  We were also given glimpses of her discomfort of sleeping in her bedroom at Utopia.  She preferred instead to sleep outside. (X-23 v3 issues 1.)

It was brought up during her stay with the Future Foundation during the Chaos Theory arc. (X-23 v3 issues 13-16.)

As well as brought up rather vocally during Avengers Academy. (Avengers Academy issue 26.)

She has a pretty strong disdain for labs or anything even remotely resembling or having a history of experimentation.  Reacting quite adversely to them.  It can make one wonder how she'll react to the recent development in All-New X-Men where the home base or "New Xavier Institute" is the original Weapon X facility and their bedrooms are renovated prison cells. (All-New X-Men issue 18.)

The place that her original genetic sample came from because Dr. Zander Rice's father, Dr. Dale Rice, stole it from beneath this covert government project's nose.  An event that led to his death because of this act.  The place that created Dr. Zander Rice's hatred for all things Weapon X because of that event.  (X-23 v1 issue 1.)

The place that's the reason X-23 was created, tortured, and dehumanized to extreme ends at every turn for corporate greed and Dr. Zander Rice's personal vendetta. (X-23 v1 issues 1-6, and X-23: Target X issues 1-6.)

Something that made X-23's final confrontation with him all the more satisfying.  (X-23 v1 issue 6.)

The original Weapon X program and compound being the source of so much of X-23's pain over the years, it's curious as to how this will be approached or how she will react to her time in All-New X-Men.  Older Scott Summers already is someone she's not very fond of, but the place itself that was the cause of so much of the extreme abuse she faced?  This could be quite a different spin to the character for further development and growth.  Due to the extreme cold surrounding the compound from its location, sleeping outside of its walls won't be an option as it was with Utopia.

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