Thursday, November 7, 2013

Joss Whedon & Patrick Stewart: The Fight for Equality & Against Domestic Violence

A Whedon news bite popped up over on Bleeding Cool that's pretty interesting and fun.  Joss Whedon received recognition to his contributions in his pursuit for equality.  The speech he gave is worth a watch.  It's quite interesting.

While on this topic, there's also Patrick Stewart's fight for the same goals of equality and safety for children and women.  I had tried to post about this earlier this year, but the coding glitched and wiped out that post.  Patrick Stewart gave a deeply emotional and touching speech when a fan asked about this at a convention, and also does amazing work with Amnesty International where these topics have been discussed.  The videos are below, but more can be found on Youtube.  Nothing I could say could do his words justice.  So it's best if you hear it from him.

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