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The Iconic Scenes of X-23

With X-23's origin tale there are many iconic scenes that should be kept if a film were ever adapted.  Her comics have always been interesting in this regard for the most part.  Whether it be by Yost/Kyle, or Liu among more, her stories seem to always carry weight and life truths.

Aspects of growth to become more than what others think you are and to defy perceptions and expectations.  She's truly a character that brings forth many topics that can be hard to know where to even start on diving into them.  We've seen it with pedophilia in her first origin, users, abusers and manipulators in her Academy X days.  Standing up for friends, dealing with emotions, the conflicting directions being a teenager can yield.  She's been over the topics of human trafficking, kidnapping, prostitution, and more.  She's a character that's always full of surprises and can raise many debates upon these topics as to what the limits are of being a monster or a hero.  She's a character of growth and learning of life from the darkest aspects to the brightest.  A film series around her could dive into these things outright piece by piece where appropriate.  In the long term hopefully carving a path into audience minds about how they perceive the world.

It's not all doom and gloom though, there's also hope to her stories.

So I thought it'd be interesting to go over some of these iconic scenes that should be kept if a movie were ever made.

From her first origin tale, X-23: Innocence Lost, the infamous "would you like to buy a box of cookies" scene is a definite must keep.  It's off and on become an interesting catch phrase among her fans against what they find to be a bit... Disturbing.  It also marks the first time the reader gets to see X-23 stand up for other children or girls on the written page.  It's also a scene of much debate itself though as to how it impacted her character growth for what followed.

It's a minor action piece without much shown, and while it does carry a few cliches in execution, they are satisfying ones nonetheless.

X-23: Target X on the other hand carries the bulk of the origin iconic scenes.  Moments that make you laugh and even let your jaw hit the floor outright.

Issue 1 of the miniseries with the opening escape from the Facility in the snow has some amazing visuals.  Besides an extremely badass sniper scene of Laura taking out a helicopter with only a single shot, there's the brilliant escape maneuver she pulls against Kimura, the woman with the impenetrable skin.

Issue 2 in particular stands out with the majority of these scenes though.
You have your basic High School douchery to contend with.  Kind of makes you wish that they did let Laura make the lettermen jacket wearing douche crap his pants in fear of what she could do to him.

Teachers that should be quite careful who they ask or what they ask without any regard for particulars.  All in french even.  Oh and hey!  Doesn't that teacher look familiar?

You have your general confidant type scene and understanding.  A budding friendship since Laura knows what Megan went through.  While no one else would believe Megan, and even called her crazy for trying to find help about it, Laura understands it.  She's there to help her now again.

You also have every students dream of correcting a teacher for not being right.  Though erm, maybe not quite entirely.  It does play up the comedic aspects of how far beyond this school Laura really is in her education.  Handled without ego either.  It's just stated rather straight forward and plainly.  Hmm, another teacher that looks quite familiar too.

Oh and of course several principal visits that lead to a moment any kid that's ever wanted to stand up to a principal can relate to outright.  A moment of defiance, albeit unintentionally so.

Of course, then again.  There's another iconic scene that should probably be mentioned right off the bat as a do not do this.  But yes it also hits an iconic wish fulfillment scene.  Stealing a principal's car is not something to do though.  It leads to bad things.  Got it kids?  Do not do that!  For a work of fiction though, it's quite satisfying from everything Megan has been put through while at school.

 All that's before you even get to their out in the city montage full of many fantastic scenes itself as covered in the X-23: The Happy Moments entry.

Near the end when the Kinney household is assaulted by the Facility contains a number of iconic scenes itself too.  Moments that could make anyone in the audience wide-eyed with anticipation.

You've got your moment of X-23 taking out the Facility sent spec-ops team one by one.  She uses the training they gave her against them in quite subtle yet marvelously suspenseful and fun ways.

Then you've also got a scene outright that's become pretty famous now thanks to the homage Kickass did towards X-23: Target X with the first movie's Hit Girl scenes near the end.

You'd think between both of these, that spec-ops soldiers would learn that a kitchen is not a safe place to corner your target into.  Anything could be a weapon there.  Even an electric poultry/meat thermometer.

Think Hit Girl's dad let her read X-23's comic for ideas?  Sometimes it sure seems that way with the movie version.  Those homages showed how well it really does work on the big screen though.  Those scenes were hailed pretty unanimously among audiences.

Of course the most iconic scene from the origin of all though, is that of the X-23 Wolverine face off.  The very fight where she takes the title of "best there is" from him.

Of course, these are just the tip of the iceberg of scenes.  She has many more in the origin minis that I haven't mentioned, and there's also some fantastic cues in her animation appearances.  The infamous "you deserve to live" speech at the end of both her first X-Men Evolution episode, at the end of X-23: Target X is another too that really helps give weight to some of the character-centric appeal and growth that she yields.

All of these and more are why many fans want an X-23 origin feature film.  She speaks to so many topics within these short pages that it's easy to see why she's gaining a larger and larger foothold into the fan bases.  While many will want to objectify her, or even call her names in disdain, she will always represent so much more than that.  She truly is an icon unto herself about growth, self-discovery, the will to live, and fighting back.  Someone that may be a bit too selfless and reckless with how quick she is to sacrifice herself in the process for others, but someone that does stand to protect children and women everywhere.

Probably the most infamous scene that depicts this is her beheading of a random pimp in her Women of Marvel v2 oneshot comic.  An act that shows outright her disdain of being used, and her disdain for others that would use or harm women and children ever.

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