Tuesday, November 26, 2013

X-Men: Days Of Future Past - Expanding the Fox X-Men Cinematic Universe

During the build up to X-Men: Days of Future Past, a lot of viral marketing has been branching out.  There's been a website for Trask Industries, and now a new altered reality video highlighting Magneto's potential involvement in the assassination of JFK.

Continuing on to their own website that carries the conspiracy at thebentbullet.com, there's a mention of the anti-mutant hate group the Friends of Humanity.  Alongside them is a mention of another radical christian based group, the Purifiers.

Excerpt taken from TheBentBullet article.

The Purifiers are also making a return in the All-New X-Men comic.  They were the first anti-mutant terrorist group X-23 had faced off against while she was with the X-Men back during her Academy X days, and looks like they will be one of the problems she will be helping the original 5 with in the comic.  The Purifiers are also featured heavily in the v3 X-Force run.  It was their virus scheme that was the X-Force strike team's mission to stop by eliminating samples of the Legacy Virus in "Old Ghosts," and it was their mutant bomb plot that was put to an end by the team right before "Not Forgotten."

This may only be a small comic nod in general, but as with laying any groundwork for a franchise, it is something that could be tapped upon for later usage as well.  By establishing them into the timeline, it leaves them open for usages later on in the franchise.

Whether or not they factor into the potentially upcoming X-Force film is anyone's guess.  Only time will tell how they play into the overall scheme of things for this currently growing cinematic universe over at Fox.

Personally, it makes me hopeful that X-23 may appear sooner rather than later in the X-Men cinematic universe.  The majority of the Purifier stories have her involved, and two in particular ("Mercury Falling" and "Not Forgotten") have the Facility directly involved as well.

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