Saturday, November 16, 2013

More November News Bites

Since I've turned off my RSS feeder, the news bites sources I generally pull from have been getting narrower.  It's back to the old fashioned way of when I randomly check sites or get an article passed my way as opposed to being bombarded by every source at once.  It's allowed me to better pick and choose what stories I want to highlight that I think others should notice or might be interested in reading about without me feeling flooded perpetually.

So here are some more random bits of interest popping up to peruse!

First up, Comic Book Resources has a mildly indepth editorial from the Comic Observer's Corey Blake.  It discusses the exciting new upcoming Ms. Marvel title from Marvel and why it's an interesting take and idea.  As the brain child of Sana Amanat with G. Willow Wilson on writing duties, it's shaping up to be a comic well worth checking out.  It continues to show Marvel's commitment to bringing diversity back into comics as they update with the times to reflect a wider more diverse world like our own.  I've been leery of promoting this comic for two reasons personally.  One being I'd like to actually read it before I praise it, and the second being the involvement of another editor that has a habit of playing cyber bully given any excuse.  It's unfair to the title and to the talents involved for their work to be disregarded because of his potentially mild involvement by name only though.  This is something that would need to be discussed at length at another date as it's a topic that involves far too much information away from this new comic coming forward from Marvel.

Another story that's been coming more to the forefront of late, has been discussions of sexual harassment within the comic industry.  This one's a complicated issue as it also does reflect on potential issues within other industries as well.

You can check out this story across The Comics Alliance, The Beat, The Outhouse, Bleeding Cool (the original article at Bleeding Cool as well), and CBR.  The Brian Wood and Tess Fowler incident is spreading across almost all comic news outlets.  It's worth a look and can be quite divisive among people.  It's the exact kind of dialogue that needs to go on to make issues like this understood that they shouldn't happen, but also that silence over these matters shouldn't be condoned either.  All silence does is perpetuate the behaviors as okay when it isn't.  Especially from someone who was married at the time.  There are many details to this that seem to raise immediate red flags.  Other instances of said actions, being married at the time, and the wording of his apology all seem to cement the veracity of her statements as well as suggest a history of these actions as being likely.  This story may grow as more step forward or others give voice to their own experiences.

Brian Wood is currently on writing duties for Marvel's adjective-less X-Men title.

In more heartwarming news, there's the story of Miles Scott, the new vigilante who ended crime in San Francisco with the help of the Make-a-wish foundation and Batman.  Batkid, as he's starting to become known for, is an amazing warm fuzzy to remind us all how amazing life is and how important real smiles and joy are.  You can check out the article over at Comic Book Resources among many others.  You can also read about celebrity reactions over on Gossipcop.  Even the stars of the CW's hit show Arrow chimed in with a fun and endearing message of support.


  1. So comicbookresources just released the unlettered preview for All-New X-Men #20 with X-23. It looks like they pulled the pages for the preview randomly instead of choosing just one point. And like you guessed she isn't too happy to be there since it's an old weapon x base. here's the link:

    1. Yup, just saw. Bleeding Cool ran it too. It's definitely going to be interesting, and I'm glad they are running with what seems like keeping her history intact based on how she seems to have reacted.