Sunday, November 24, 2013

X-23: Unresolved Plot Threads (Part 3)

During parts 1 and 2 of these entries, there was one unresolved plot thread I hadn't mentioned.

This being Rachel Sutter's son Henry.

He hid in the closet when his parents were arguing and was later discovered by X-23 after she killed Martin and Rachel Sutter.  She had set the place ablaze per her orders, but had taken young Henry to behind the house before making her rendezvous point.  This means he is the only one outside of Zander Rice and Sarah Kinney who knew that X-23 was there that night.  While initially he was in shock, this is the opening to filling a previous plot hole about how many heads of the Facility is known that X-23 killed.

The other question remaining is his feelings towards the fact that X-23 saved him, but also is the one that killed his family, and later on killed his biological father too.  His story has been completely untold as he is approximately 7 years younger than X-23 herself.  The Zander Rice and Rachel Sutter affair alongside when Rachel found out she was pregnant was when X-23 was 7 years old.

How these events may impact his life and the direction he may grow have yet to be explored.  It creates a paradigm similar to what Zander Rice himself had gone through though.  Zander's father was killed by Weapon X, and now his son has lost parents to similar.  Thankfully Henry may never know how much of a monster his biological dad really was.

Henry would only be approximately 11-12 years old currently in the Marvel universe, so this may not be a story that'll be explored anytime soon.  It is a potential story point that may come up eventually though.  Probably closer to when X-23 is in her mid to upper 20s unless it's dealt with sooner to prevent Henry Sutter from becoming like either of his fathers.  He was only 3-6 years old when it happened(origin miniseries have some unclear time frame issues), so there is also a chance that he may have gone to therapy to work out such issues while still young.  The Facility having a habit of keeping staff children under their wings though, may have pushed him into the darker possible directions as with what happened to Zander Rice.  Symbolically this shows the cycle of abuse, but also leaves the door open for it to be stopped from repeating.

Only time will tell how this loose thread comes back around.

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