Friday, November 1, 2013

The Many Eye Colors of X-23

This seems to be a constant aspect never addressed in the comics directly.

X-23 has a tendency to shift eye colors depending on writer or artist depicting her at the time.  In the v3 comic alone it switches per story arc almost.  Takeda depicting her with the more common and character accurate green eyes, but Noto and others having a tendency to vary between blue, brown, gray, and Hazel.

New X-Men: Academy X itself bounces back and forth between initially blue, then green, and occasionally gray.  X-Force v3 tended to stick with the officially accurate green eyes.  Avengers Academy leaned on a gray, brown, or hazel color influence.  Avengers Arena seems to stick with blue or gray eye colors.  Her origin stories portray her with the same green eyes as her mother, cousin and aunt, reflecting it as a family trait(Innocence Lost and Target X).  Her appearance in Daken: Dark Wolverine showed blue eyes, but was also during the midst of his own father issues and right after Gambit and Laura had teased him about her origins.  Something that was akin and reminiscent of the same verbal abuse Laura took from Dr. Zander Rice at the Facility.

The official eye colors are:
Earth-616 Marvel Universe: Green Eyes
Earth-11052 X-Men Evolution Animated Series Universe: Green Eyes
Earth-10005 Fox X-Men Cinematic Universe: Unknown (Has yet to appear.)
Earth-8096 Marvel Animated Universe (Wolverine &The X-Men): Brown Eyes
Earth-199999 Marvel Cinematic Universe(includes S.H.I.E.L.D. TV series): Unknown (Has yet to appear, and unknown if will)
Disney XD Marvel Universe(No Known Numeric Designation Yet): Unknown (Has yet to appear in Ultimate Spider-man or Avengers Assemble.  Unknown on if or when she will.)

No mention in story has ever covered why this is.  Is it artist mistakes, or is there another reason behind these chameleon eyes the audience has yet to be aware of?


  1. I consider this quote from Craig Kyle in a 2007 interview the go-to quote for her eye color:

    "Laura's mother had green eyes, and although she was created by the cloned genetics of Wolverine, there were modifications made to the DNA. She is Logan's genetic sister, not his exact copy. And although she should have his eye color given the process of her creation, I made the conscious choice to give her the same eyes as her mother. So for the record, X-23's true eye color is green."

    Looking at these pictures, I think her eyes were also green in XME. In that series, her eyes and skin tone look closer to her creator (mother?) Deborah Risman than Wolverine.

    I think it's mostly artist mistakes that give her different eye colors. An artist might see "female Wolverine clone" or similar and just assume her eyes are blue without checking. Though in Noto's case (and maybe some others), I think he knows her eyes are green but he might be depicting how eye color can shift a bit with the color of ambient and environmental light.

    1. Love that phrase. "I made the conscious choice" xD but that's getting off topic a bit.

      Thanks for the correction on the XME episode. And yeah, it's most likely artist mistake, but often times those mistakes can be taken account for in future story usages to explain them away(there are a couple methods that could be done with her). Many "mistake" spots are also subject to shadows to obscure or used for symbolic purposes. Like the v2 oneshot's brown eyes being more a hue of dried blood to symbolize X-23's inner turmoil. So that one can be debated as a mistake or not.

      And there's a flaw in Craig Kyle's statement about "genetic sister." He implies half-sister(by the different mother DNA aspects). Since it was using Logan's DNA(not his fathers) but modified, daughter would be more accurate then. To be a genetic sister or half sister, They'd have to use DNA of Logan's parents. By using Logan's DNA and Dr. Kinney's it creates the "child of/genetic twin by mutant powers" aspect instead. I can see why he'd phrase it like that though as it's easier to say than explaining the full thing(though it would be nice if they would step forward with all the details to her story and creation already).