Friday, November 8, 2013

Preview: Avengers Arena #17 (Lettered)

Comic Book resources has the lettered preview for Avengers Arena issue 17 up.  It'll be on shelves at comic shops as of November 13th.

Also being released that week is All-New X-Men #18.  CBR has the preview up for that as well.  The spoiler is quite big.  So be warned.  It does make one wonder how Laura is going to cope with this later.  She's never been a fan of labs and weapon X in particular is pretty much everything the Facility was trying to copy.  This may play to some interesting aspects of her character and history if the writer has done research on her by reading her comics(especially her origin tales) as opposed to Wikipedia.  Should prove to be interesting to see how Laura copes with this change in scenery alongside its history.  Issue 20 of All-New X-Men being released in December is starting to look more and more interesting to say the least.  Issue 18 looks to be a great jumping on point for those that plan to start reading it when she joins the team.

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