Saturday, November 23, 2013

X-23: Unresolved Plot Threads (Part 2)

Carrying on from part 1 earlier this week, here's part 2 of X-23's unresolved plot threads!

Dr. Sarah Kinney's Body

Many fans have pointed this out.  Dr. Sarah Kinney, Laura's mother, may never have had a funeral or a real burial.  Not long after her death, during the fateful clash between X-23 and Kimura as Laura escaped, there was an avalanche that would have seemingly buried Dr. Kinney under many feet of snow and possibly even moved the body to a slightly different location.  Later we're shown hints of the body having been recovered by the Facility.  So the question remains, where did Dr. Kinney's body go after the avalanche?  We do know it isn't still buried.  During the X-Force v3 story "Not Forgotten," it's shown that the Facility recovered the body and may even have it in storage at one of their many locations.  Laura has not been shown to be aware of this fact as yet.  She may think it's still buried  in the depths of the tragedy that was her youth

Kimura's Vendetta

At the end of the X-Force v3 story arc "Not Forgotten," Kimura swore a vendetta against X-23.  Kimura would never stop.  First she would kill all those that X-23 has helped, known, or loved, and then she would go after X-23 herself again.  This story thread was never picked up since, and could be assumed that Kimura has gone rogue from the Facility to pursue her revenge.  The last we saw of Kimura was in the flames of her anger.  A few moments before the blaze, she killed Dr. Harkins, one of the heads of the Facility.  A symbolic gesture of her breaking her ties to the Facility itself in pursuit of taking everything from X-23.  It is unknown how many heads of the Facility still remain.

Aunt and Cousin

The last we saw of Debra and Megan Kinney was at the end of X-23: Target X where they've gone on the run from the reaches of the Facility.  They were crossing into Canada and starting to hop from safe house to safe house with each having reserves of cash to help them stay afloat and to cover every need they may have or want.  They were told to rotate their stories, always changing up what they tell people, and to keep moving.  A life like this would mean packing light and never really building a new home.  They have to be able to move at a moment's notice.  With Kimura having sworn a vendetta to kill all the people X-23 has known or loved, this could have been made even harder.  It can leave lingering questions behind though.  Would they potentially keep a scrap book of X-23's exploits when Laura made headlines?  Does Laura ever find herself questioning a familiar scent sometimes during her travels?  When will the Kinneys be safe again?  Are they still in Canada?

The Facility Heads

During the X-23 v1 story "Innocence Lost," we're given a glimpse to the events after X-23 gets off the bus from X-23: Target X.  This ties us into how she ended up in New York prior to NYX v1.  The Facility had many heads and potentially a hierarchy that apparently went above Dr. Sutter and Dr. Rice or they could each be a head of a different location.  Though during both her origin tales we are mostly led to believe that these two were at the top and were acting autonomously, it seems their funding and more may have been coming from higher as well.  It's never made explicitly clear if these shadow higher ups are government tied, Weapon X tied, or otherwise an extension of the corporate espionage presented early on in X-23 v1.  It could very well only be the third head of the Facility that was put to rest in X-Force v3.  The story arc "Mercury Falling" from New X-Men seems to suggest that this was just one of many locations the Facility had run.  Having carried on the identity of this weaponized projects using genetics outfit, that story helps establish the Facility as its own larger corporate endeavor taking up any client for the right price as also had been depicted in X-23: Target X. as well as the business bidding seen during X-23 v1 "Innocence Lost."  During the X-23 v3 run, we're given  brief glimpses into X-23's memories where Dr. Zander Rice may have slipped up about those above him.  He referred to X-23 as property of the state, among other subtle hints.  Though this could also be more of his arrogance and mind games as he was often saying or doing anything he could to remind X-23 that she was only an object for him and others to use.  A weapon for them to point at those they needed dead.  A tool for them to profit off of as they saw fit.  A group with such ties that they could even infiltrate S.H.I.E.L.D. / H.A.M.M.E.R. as shown during the X-Force v3 story "Not Forgotten."  We're also made aware that currently 3 different heads of the Facility have died.  Dr. Sutter, Dr. Rice, and Dr. Harkins are all currently deceased.  It is unknown how many still remain or who all is still in their pockets.

Many of these threads could be picked up later as often some outlying story points are left intentionally as things for a character to come back to once they've matured and grown from their experiences.  As with life, things buried in the past don't often stay buried for good until they can become resolved either through personal growth, acceptance, or some other form of finality.

Notice anything that hasn't been mentioned?  What threads would you like to see resolved?  Please let us know in the comments!

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