Tuesday, December 10, 2013

X-Men: No More Humans

USA Today is carrying an article about an upcoming graphic novel from Marvel in the same vein as Avengers: Endless Wartime.  It'll be called X-Men: No More Humans and will reach store shelves May 7th.

It's set in the 616 Marvel universe and will be picking up a little bit after where Battle of The Atom ended.  It includes the current All-New X-Men roster, so X-23 is included.

Check out the full article over at USA Today.  You can see some of the preview pages below via their embed code.


  1. whether or not she gets her memories back by the time this comes out. How do you think she'll interact with her half-brother Raze?

    1. Depends.
      With memories, I'd say the same as Daken, more or less indifferent.
      Without memories, hard to say. We haven't even seen how she'll react to finding out again that her dad is Wolverine. So it's dependent on a host of factors like how finding out about family makes her react.
      Pre-Arena X-23 was all about her mother's side, and more or less indifferent about her father's side because he always seemed to favor them over her. Post-Arena X-23, we don't know what she thinks about the baggage(X-Force v3 in particular, as well as X-23 v3 touching darkness though kind of counterbalance each other, so it's hard to really say). We'll just have to read it and find out. =D

    2. That's very true. Laura did seem indifferent about Wolverines side of the family now that you mention it. They posted the preview for All-New X-Men #20 with letters on comicbookresources.com and based on what they show, she still MIGHT have her memories still, but I'm not positive yet. Have to read it to find out.