Friday, December 6, 2013

Early December 2013 News Bites

I do news bite entries because sometimes articles come up that are worth sharing, sometimes there's news circulating that really doesn't fit under any other kind of entry, and sometimes I'm avoiding finishing a technical heavy entry that still needs more research.  Almost always it's because of something that's caught my attention though as a topic others should be aware of.  It can be hard finding several stories to fit under this at a time.  Other times, they can be plentiful.

So to start off this early December news bites, here's an editorial over at Glamour from Parks and Recreation star Rashida Jones. It also follows up on the initial twitter backlash to her comments from the summer.  She dives lightly into these topics that have become heavy from this past year and hopefully brings up many points to help start a larger discussion on these matters as opposed to knee jerk reactions to what is being said.  It is a heavily interesting area as this is something that's been growing over the last decade.  There is no real starting point that's apparent, but aspects of if have been growing more and more as the internet age has gotten older and searches for celeb porn have become more prolific and even marketable.  This is a very convoluted and complicated topic to fully dive into as it involves many views that are all equal in their own footing and rationale.  This may very well receive its own full entry at a later date because of that.

These kinds of quick news bites are the perfect place to mention that the trailer for Amazing Spider-man 2 has hit the web.

With that, I have no further excuses on not finishing up the upcoming X-23 focused entries.  Darn.

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