Thursday, December 5, 2013

X-Men: Apocalypse - Speculation

With the recent announcement of the next X-Men film, we're left with some major questions to speculate over.

For one.  The time frame.  If this is prior to 79, Wolverine won't have his metal claws.  If this after The Wolverine,  his metal claws are broken but the bone claws still extend through what's left of the metal ones.
He still has his healing factor in either era.

An Apocalypse film would more than likely feature the 4 horsemen.  So that brings up another question about which.  They could do the Angel to Archangel upgrade as one, but that means setting this film after the events of Last Stand or The Wolverine.  They could use it to feature how Wolverine gets his adamantium claws back as well if they go that route.  As was also once a brief story in the comics.

Bryan Singer has said before he'd like to use Deadpool, Gambit, among more, so does that mean Gambit might become a horseman like he was in the comics?  Setting the film in the 80s might allow for that.  Potentially opens the door to explain Sabertooth's transition from X-Men Origins: Wolverine to the first X-Men film as well.  He did have some quite drastic character appearance changes between those two films.  With Apocalypse may come Mr. Sinister too, which opens up a host of story doors as well to tap depending on the era this takes place in.

It's far too early to tell where this might fit in the timeline.  It may end up in the 70s and be without Wolverine.  It could be after the events of The Wolverine, or it could be in the 80s after the events of X-Men Origins: Wolverine.

What horsemen would you like to see featured?
What mutants would you like to see on the big screen for this outing?

Depending on when it takes place.  I'm hoping for X-23 to make an appearance.  Her as a horsemen could prove interesting.  She could make for an interesting interpretation of War, but that is dependent on this taking place after the events of The Wolverine.  Again though, here's hoping if she does appear, they don't alter her origin entirely and instead just leave it as a mystery to explore later!  Maybe save that for her own spin-off film series!  She could make an interesting replacement for Wolverine in the years to come and still allow enough differences to be something fresh and fun on the big screen!  This also opens the door to refrain from casting someone else as Wolverine and would let the overall franchise grow as its own world into itself.

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