Thursday, December 26, 2013

Bendis' Characterization of X-23

A small complaint that seems to be cropping up from All-New X-Men's X-23 usage is that she appears to be a little bit sassy with her attitude and word choices/usage in issue 20.

This isn't a bad thing.  In fact, it seems quite appropriate with all that she's gone through and had to endure all her life.

Laura has been put through the ringer repeatedly.  The Facility abused her and used her to kill.  Her own biological father off and on has treated her like crap with little real support until recently.  No one noticed her being gone and at Arcade's island.  Her friendship with Finesse of Avengers Academy turned sour because Finesse used her as all the others have.  Finesse took the choice away from Laura and used Laura's claws to kill.  During Arcade's island, she was used against her own friends with no choice and forced to try and kill them.

Repeatedly and repeatedly she has been tossed around and used.  She's had her choices taken away.  The Facility will never stop hounding her.  Kimura still has a vendetta against all that X-23 has helped or loved.  Her mother's family is still out of reach, and who knows when she'll be able to see them again.  The list goes on and on.  Yet she pushes on.  Laura is refusing to lash out violently and kill.  She doesn't want to be a weapon anymore.  She doesn't want to be used.  She's grown into being her own woman that wants to be able to make her own choices and fight her own battles.  She's developed her own voice and has her own will.

Her being "sassy" seems quite appropriate when you consider all these factors.  It's not that Arcade's island was such an ordeal that it changed her.  It's the fact it was one more in string of events that has pushed her to the point of standing for herself while also helping others.

Her story is still being told, and there are still details to handle that could play into this.  We've yet to see why no one has noticed she left where she was recuperating after Arcade's island, and more, but her being sassy seems quite appropriate.  The frustrations have been building for over a literal decade now, but she doesn't want to direct her anger to lashing out or even killing.  Those frustrations need to come out somewhere though.  Vocally seems quite appropriate since she doesn't want to be used as a weapon to blindly kill anymore.

She's developing into her own person and finding her own voice.  Only time will tell how that voice will continue to grow and how she will develop and use it to become the best person she wants to be.  Not the person that others want to make her become.

Of course all this is due to interpretation and Bendis may be taking it a different route.  Only the comic releases to come will reveal the path he has planned for the character and where she will grow from during his run while having her in the title.

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