Monday, December 9, 2013

X-23 to be in All-New X-Men 22.Now

Thanks to Comixology and the Marvel App we have a lettered preview of All-New X-Men #22.Now to peruse.

It's only 2 pages, but it highlights that X-23 may indeed be a part of the upcoming Trial of Jean Grey.
Special thanks to Bleeding Cool for the heads up.

Thanks to delaviux in the comments, we also have this heads up on a page that can be found on Bendis' tumblr.  Bendis states it's from All-New X-Men issue 22.

More to follow on this soon!  There's a story detail from All-New X-Men #19 that may or may not be playing into the overall picture of X-23's role on the team.  A speculative post is planned on this, but it's also possible it may go a different direction.  There's a story door open here for many possibilites and approaches.


  1. Also there is a page of sample that Bendis put in his Tumblr.

    In the penultimate vignette is not it the young Scott quite concerned for the safety of Laura?
    More worried than usual, I mean.

    1. Hard to say without the lettering. Could be him giving orders to his new teammate too, or any other myriad of reasons. From the way it looks like the story is shaping up(depending on if she has amnesia or not), there's a lot of directions this can go.