Thursday, December 5, 2013

X-Force Film Script Finished?

Thanks to CBR, we have a mild heads up on the X-Force preliminary script written by Jeff Wadlow from Rob Liefeld!

Thanks to Comic Book Resources for pointing this out.

Rob Liefeld tweeted:

Sounds like it could be interesting.  No characters are revealed as yet, but considering the little bit that's been said, Deadpool may make an appearance.

Also guessing from what's said, X-23 may have made it in.  If every era is represented, that includes X-Force v3, and she was one of the two members of that team that weren't on any other version.  I'm not sure if Elixir formally counts as a real member of the team either. So she might be the only one.

So keep your fingers crossed!  Casting news could start showing up anywhere in the next few months!  Hopefully we'll know more somewhere around March or April!  Maybe even sooner!

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