Saturday, December 21, 2013

Late December 2013 News Bites

Two articles over on CBR popped up that are worth reading and raise some valid points and concerns.

One dives headfirst into Wonder Woman and asks why hasn't she had a solo titled movie as yet.  It's about time that she should get her own solo movie too.  Then they can start expanding the cinematic DC universe on her side with Donna Troy, Artemis, among many more.

The other is an editorial that dives into more about sexual harassment within the comics industry and life in general.

On the X-Men movie front, word has come up that Rogue has been cut from Days of Future Past.
Bryan Singer talks about the why over in an Entertainment Weekly exclusive interview.

Coming in before that was also the announcement that story sessions on X-Men Apocalypse are underway via a tweet from Bryan Singer.

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