Tuesday, December 10, 2013

10 Years of 616 Marvel Universe X-23

Ten years ago today is when NYX v1 issue 3 was first released.  This means that today is X-23's ten year anniversary of being in the 616 universe of Marvel Comics.

In the confines of the 616 universe, Laura started off by falling through the proverbial cracks of the system.  This is what defined the entire premise of NYX.  She slowly grew over the years to formally join the X-Men, then leave the X-Men as she was still emotionally lost over the loss of her family and feeling stuck within their perceptions of who she thought they wanted her to be.  Over the years, we were given a better glimpse at her origin through her first self-titled miniseries and then the followup Target X.  Alongside it came her further growth in Academy X: New X-Men, soon followed by her days with X-Force, and then her going solo as her own schoolmates ostracized her for trying to protect them from dangers to their well-being.  Eventually this led to her own short lived but much beloved solo series and then to her joining the Avengers Academy to grow even more.

Now after her days with the Avengers Academy, we've just come from seeing her leaving Arcade's island and dealing with the events and fallout (literally as she was dosed with extreme amounts of radiation during the finale) from Avengers Arena.  She's currently with the All-New X-Men where the directions of her story and some of her unresolved plot threads can continue to flourish under a new pen as they also handle the repercussions that may have affected her from this considerably deep burn.  This may have an impact on the character and how she handles events for years to come.  Until issue 20 hits news stands it's hard to say what direction they are going and just how intact Laura Kinney's memories may remain or could be repaired.
While it is unknown how much of her past she retains, the threads left unresolved are still ongoing as they aren't impacted by her memories.  How she handles them as they are approached over the coming years could be interesting and lead to much story potential as the character continues to grow.

One simple truth will always remain though.  She is Laura Kinney.  She is X-23.  Many of her personality aspects are so ingrained in her nature that no matter the events thrown at her, she is still the same at the core.  In the ever evolving narrative of nature vs nurture, we may start to see that no matter how events around her try to sway her or how confused she gets, she still fights on to protect others.


  1. wow already ten years of x-23 that's great congratulations :)

    1. Technically 10 years 4 months and 8 days if you count her premiere in X-Men Evolution. xD