Monday, March 14, 2011

X-23's March Madness

This month, one could easily call it March Madness, or just awesome, but X-23 will be getting three issues released this month, as well as an appearance in Daken's comic.

That makes 4 comics for fans to buy who follow her appearances and comics.

Granted one is just a single re-release of issue 1 of her origin miniseries, but the other 3 are all consecutive stories.

First up, of course X-23 v3 issue 7(released last week) where she faces pirates, and makes her way to Madripoor. Next up is Daken issue 7 which kicks off Collision, the multipart crossover that will have Laura and Daken dealing with their family connection and facing a foe that may draw a line in the sand between them. Last up this month is X-23 v3 issue 8, picking up where Daken left off and continuing this story.

A month like this almost makes me wish X-23's comic itself was biweekly, especially after reading the phenominal X-23 v3 issue 7.

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