Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Comics for March 9th, 2011 (Wednesday)

This Wednesday will see the release of two X-23 comics.

One new, the ongoing comic, will have it's 7th issue. An issue that will be moderately self-contained as it brings Laura to Madripoor.

The other comic?

Why none other than issue 1 of X-23's self-titled v1 mini-series re-released. You can pick the first issue up for the low low price of just one dollar! Well, that's before tax. So if you missed this great mini-series before that covered her origin, now's your chance to grab it again. Innocence Lost details how X-23 was created, telling the story mostly through her mother, Dr. Sarah Kinney. So if you missed the TPB or the single issues, be sure to grab issue one this time.

One can only hope that after they do this, they continue the trend of re-releasing the issues without any changes for those that missed out before.

So if you were looking for a place to hop on to collect her comic but were afraid of being lost, this is the time. You can pick up what looks to be a great issue in the on-going alongside the very first issue of her origin mini! If that's piqued your interest, be sure to swing by your local comic shop this Wednesday and pick up both issues.

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