Friday, March 11, 2011

Kinney Pride Anniversary Postponed

Due to the tsunamis and earthquakes in Japan, all festivities here have been postponed about the one year anniversary on the 12th.

Some of the readership here is located in Japan according to the statistics, and it wouldn't be right celebrating at a time when they are in need, injured, or worried about friends and loved ones. It feels too morbid to go forward with what was planned while all this is going on.

My prayers and thoughts go out to all those affected by this devastation.

This hits on a personal level for many people. Many have loved ones, or even namesakes that are currently in Japan that may not have the means to contact and let others know they are okay as yet. I pray that we all can relax with sighs of relief in the days to come as we all hear from various friends or loved ones.

For now, no matter what your beliefs are, whether you're religeous or not, keep Japan in your thoughts and prayers during this hour of need.

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