Saturday, March 12, 2011

Japan Update

As stated before, the celebrations for today have been put on hiatus as the world turns to Japan to check on their well being.

As such, from now until the 14th, this blog will be running silent to pay respect to those that lost their homes, their families, their loved ones, and some even their lives. This does not mean that the tragedy is over for Japan come the 14th, but it's the longest I can suspend activity here for now, and bring something positive to this blog in the wake of this disaster.

So please take a moment out of your time today and tomorrow to pay respects to Japan. Keep them in your thoughts and prayers as this tragedy continues on.

All planned posts, the missing reviews, comic strips, and more will go live Monday March 14th instead.

For now, please turn to real news outlets to keep up to date on what's happening in Japan. For those who are native speakers but not in Japan right now, there is also Keyhole TV for first hand accounts of what's happening in Japan from japanese news services. Google is also offering their person finder app to help connect people with information in the wake of this disaster as around many are still without power, cell towers, and other luxuries of life we take for granted everyday.

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