Monday, March 14, 2011

Kinney Pride Reaches One Year Anniversary!

Wow, who'da thunk it? We actually made it to one year (and two days) here now.

I honestly never planned on this. This place just seems to have taken on a life of its own.

To be perfectly honest, I had started here for other reasons. I needed a test venue for statistics on an obscure topic, so I chose something I thought would be obscure enough to give me the data I needed, yet wouldn't be missed when I closed it after I acquired said data. Sure there are many more reasons than that for why I chose X-23 to blog about, but the other reasons would rock the foundation too much to bring up.

Well, as you can see since it's lasted this long, that plan backfired. There's actually a consistent readership now from around the world. It's thanks to here that I've met Callie and Tabitha, and it's thanks to here that so many things are moving forward faster than I had ever anticipated or thought possible. (No, not an X-23 movie, but keep your fingers crossed!)

Sure Paper Cuts has been rather mediocre to say the least, there've been some rough spots for a time, and I've personally waivered on wanting to keep this place going. The more I waivered though, the more you, the fans, have shown through the statistics it's well worth keeping alive.

A lot of that should be credited to Marvel as well. If it wasn't for their starting an X-23 ongoing, here may not have lived long at all. If it wasn't for Marjorie Liu weaving such a masterful modern tale about X-23, I wouldn't have anything to review or talk about.

It's also thanks to Marvel, that I get to celebrate today with a review of the very first origin issue of X-23. Coincidentally timed for their re-release, but rather fitting so I'm not going to look a gift horse in the mouth on this. The first post here was a video of Christopher Yost doing a video interview with Sideshow, and what better way to celebrate the one year mark than with the first origin issue he co-wrote with Craig Kyle.

So that'll come later today among many other surprises...

Oh, and yes I know I'm behind on reviews, but schucks, there was a method to that madness and the missing comic strip...

We've had an amazing year here full of surprises, a couple mistakes, lots of luck, and full of just the obscure. So here's to the future! It's looking brighter and brighter everyday. Here's to having another year of wonderment!

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