Monday, March 14, 2011

Japan Update 2

As you probably noticed, I stopped the other posts before they went live. Due to the news of troubles worsening for Japan, my attention has been diverted. Continuing celebrations today make me personally uncomfortable.

I'll scatter the remaining posts throughout the coming weeks, so no worries. Instead, what you should be doing is turning your attention to the news. I've had news outlets playing on my TV and PC the last 24 hours over concern for Japan and its denizens during this historic catastrophe. Be careful if you have kids in the house though, as this constant talk of the 5th largest earthquake in recorded history may scare them. While Japan may be pulling all earthquake and tsunami associated material for what seems like the duration of cleanup, USA is not. Cartoons on various networks, such as Tarzan on Disney for example, aired on Monday morning that featuring earthquakes and tsunamis as the primary villians or weapons of the villian. This can be either be viewed as insensitive, or an attempt to educate and reassure children (as Tarzan's case seems to be). Only you as parents can make that call for your kids which it is. It is something to be wary about if the household itself has been in shock over these events.

For right now, we will be returning to running silent as the world watches and prays for Japan. Remember if you want to help, you can donate to legit crisis relief funds. Make sure your money is going to help those that need it and not lining people's pockets who are taking advantage of this tragedy. There are many other ways to help as well. This is not my field of expertise, so please do your due-diligence for how best you personally can help if you are willing to help. As always, don't use your charitable actions as a point to become a bragart. Do or do not, there is no reason to brag in either choice. This includes even humble brags.

Also, ignore the fearmongering, hatemongering, and all around douche behaviour on the internet about this event. Sadly the world we live in is one where by trying to reason with such people, all you are doing is giving them more fuel for their enjoyment. Just let them fade into obscurity as not worth your attention. These kinds of people thrive on the attention these actions grant them.

So in other words? Don't feed the trolls. Feed the relief efforts. Even if it's just through compassion and sympathies. To also take this time to remember that life is fragile and sacred.

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