Monday, March 14, 2011

X-23 v3 Issue 6 - Review (Spoiler Free)

Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know I missed this back in February, but hey I needed some filler for today. Forgive my lack of foresight from not seeing that Marvel themselves were already going to provide that with the re-release of the mini's issue 1, as well as an amazing self contained story in issue 7 of her ongoing. So anyway, let's get this out of the way then to get to the other awesome. Yes, I said other awesome, which means, as you probably suspected, this will be yet another glowing review for the comic.

What can one say about this issue without sounding repetitive to the reviews of other issues? It's a great issue, and a defining issue for Ms. Sinister's personal story, as well as Mr. Sinister's. This issue is written quite well expanding on Gambit and how he interacts with X-23, including ways in which he tests her for how empathetic she is.

The story lays interesting groundwork to be picked up later in comics about Mr. Sinister and Ms. Sinister, and dives into the very nature of how Ms. Sinister became who she is in retrospect.

The artwork is still the same as previous issues, contrasting light and dark rather well to help push subliminally the questions Laura has about herself. It also raises some interesting questions about the recent 'scar' that Laura has acquired and just what it means.

This issue itself raises many questions, yet also builds on ideas presented previously. It gives the reader much to look forward to in upcoming stories.

5 Claws out of 6

Short of 6 claws only because as a single issue it's hard to quantify as meriting that quite yet, but it does show a myriad of ideas starting to come to a head and within grasp of the reader understanding the planned direction this series seems to be treading softly towards in Laura's self-discovery. Something that comes across beautifully in Gambit's little situational test during their escape.

I'd also like to apologize for this moderately crappy review. As I'm writing this I'm being distracted by various, um, distractions.

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