Monday, March 14, 2011

X-23 Fan Soundtrack - Part 1

So, as I mentioned back on Tuesday, I should probably do an X-23 soundtrack round up. So yup, all credit to this goes to that randomness post for making me think about it. Today just seemed fitting for it. Besides, I kind of did need some filler for celebrations, and what better way than with music?

So keep in mind, these are just the tracks that I'd pick, and do not reflect what would or should actually be used if such a movie went forward.
You know, your typical disclaimer crap.

This list will feature pre-existing music tracks as to imitate what would be perfect for a soundtrack, not an original score(for obvious reasons). Not every song here should be in the movie either. The ones that I feel should, will be accompanied by an explanation of where. Since the readership is scattered around the world, I'll make sure to pick samples that are available to hear around the world too.

The listing is not done in order of preference to each song.

01. The Truth Beneath The Rose by Within Temptation

This song was chosen to kick off the soundtrack because of its overtones. It just screams perfection for choreography with lyrics that evoke a feeling of confusion about one's path and one's choices. It speaks to the modern dilemma Laura faces in her ongoing about her choices and why. With lines as powerfully delivered as "Forgive me my sins," is it any wonder I chose it? The melancholic ending yields a quiet sunrise on life, while the final crescendo beforehand gives off an eratic run down of events all culminating in defining one grabbing the reigns of destiny for themself as the light of dawn breaks over the horizon. Within Temptation is symphonic rock, or so that's the genre they call themselves. This Dutch band outdoes themselves with every album.

02. Monster (remix) by Meg & Dia

I chose the remix over the original because I personally feel it's got a better tempo this way and balances out some of the music types here by using techno. The song itself was chosen for its subject matter. As Dr. Sarah Kinney said in her letter to Laura, her life was defined by monsters. This song evokes just that with what it's about. There is no gentle way to say it, both Sarah Kinney and Laura Kinney were raped of their childhoods. Both of them lost their childhoods and innocence to monsters. Dr. Kinney in how she was sexually abused by her father, and Laura in how they attempted to deny her of all forms of humanity or compassion while growing up.

03. Unbreakable by Fireflight

A great song by Fireflight that expresses determination against those that once held you down. This song has an energy to it that feels perfect for Laura as she pursues her life outside of the Facility and determination never to go back to them.

04. More by Selena Gomez and The Scene

Yes, a Selena Gomez and the Scene song. I know, I know. I've made it no secret that I'd prefer her for the title role of an origin feature, but this song really helps sell the point too. Using this song during the montage of scenes shown in Target X of Megan helping Laura see what happiness and fluffiness life has could lead to a great mish-mash of scenes. Toss in a few scenes of them dancing in a mall with them laughing and Megan spinning Laura in slow motion(with close up), and you'd have a pretty fun set of scenes plus contrast to the horrors that happened in Laura's childhood.

05. Touched by Vast

A song of reflection and conflict, evoking both the time spent with her mother, Megan, and Debbie, as well as Kimura's pursuit. You've got moments of clarity and remembrance hidden amongst anguish and the clashing of wills against the Facility. These Lyrics even speak to the innocence and life Megan had, and how she 'touched' Laura's life. You could easily go from Sarah, Megan, and then Debbie with each 'Like you' lyric, building to the threat that Kimura poses to Laura's life, and how Laura deals with it. Megan herself, could also represent the life Laura wishes she was in before Kimura ripped it away forever. In contrast to the events towards the end of the miniseries in question, you could also use this song with the wolverine battle at the end. The act of her fighting her biggest fear, and yet all her losses in retrospect while fighting with the man who's very existence is the cause creates, well in simplest terms we'll just call it the "Wow, she's pissed" before it leads to the final tears scene and choice.

More surprises for the month yet to come including parts 2 and 3! So stay tuned as the celebration spam posting continues!

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