Wednesday, June 4, 2014

The Fan Cast Actress Switch

This hasn't been mentioned yet, but before it does come up let's go ahead and explore why the switch between preferred actresses for the role of X-23 happened.

Originally, I've had a strong push on wanting Selena Gomez to portray the character, and while I do think the role could do wonders for her career and even help her vent on the big screen due to some issues in her own life.  There have been some hindrances because of her ties to another person that mistreated her and has made a name for himself as a misogyny promoting anti-Christ.  You can see it pretty much across every article that pops up about him with how he's talked of women as conquests, berated them, even harassed her and belittled her feelings about what she's gone through.  Going so far as to even laugh with his fans and promoted them making jokes about it too.  The more she tries to better herself and move away from it, the worse his commentary seems to get trying to hold her down and abuse her even though she really did make herself before he ever existed on the scene.  She had a bright future ahead of her before he came in the picture, and all he's done since is hold her back from that.  So it's amazing to see her finally getting back on her feet and taking charge to bring that future back for herself after all she's been through.  She has an aspect to her that relates to what X-23 has gone through that could truly help her portrayal of that character.  There have even been some humorous moments during her Stars Dance tour that help cement that point alongside many other internal geek references of "she's destined for the role in some fashion."

Lately, my focus has shifted away from her though for an origin feature and towards Lucy Hale instead.  She brings a lot to the table from her filmography and the internal geek references that are there.  She's been in the Bionic Woman remake that also had a 1023 reference within it, as well as Fear Island that had one of the Ashmore twins too.  Among much much more that shows how much she'd be perfect for the role and even lets geeks play the connect the dots "she was destined for it" internal references.  Her country music also carries a soul within that screams to the high heavens "let this woman help write the music used in the movie!"  She has the acting chops outright, and her filmography proves it.  Her role over in Pretty Little Liars also helps fixate the point that she can handle the role.  Her country soul evokes X-23 herself if Laura were ever to break onto the music scene.  All around it's hard seeing anyone else portray Laura on the big screen as accurately as she could besides the aforementioned star.

What finally sold me on Lucy Hale for X-23 outright though was this:

I saw this video right after watching her video for "You Sound Good To Me."  Immediately after watching it, my first reaction outright was "this is Laura Kinney."  The outfit uses, the gloves, all of it.  This video outright made me think I was watching a video made with Laura Kinney herself.  That's how well she evoked the persona that'd be needed and how the video portrayed the look that just worked for everything that would needed to be checked for.

Now, there are a few hindrances to Ms. Hale portraying the character.  Most of which stems from whether or not she'd be interested in it, as well as if she has any time in her schedule that'd allow for it.  Between her starting rise as a country music icon and her role over in Pretty Little Liars eating up close to 9 months of her schedule regularly, it's unknown if she'd even have time for such a role.  The balancing act and hectic schedule she currently has due to her obligations and passions are the hindrance here.  Not saying that's a bad thing at all though.  She's multi-talented and finally reaching her long held dreams.  We here at Kinney Pride have nothing but praise for her, and would hope if the opportunity did come up, that she would audition and get the role, but also completely understand that her schedule is pretty hectic and filled with other obligations as well as the dreams she wants to pursue.  With her first headlined country tour coming up in November possibly, and unknown how long it'll last before she's worn out alongside possibly more filming for the next season of Pretty Little Liars probably next March.  She is indeed a busy woman that rarely gets to rest.  As long as she's enjoying herself though, what's there to complain about?

This is also what led to finding a manner in which both stars could portray Laura Kinney in a smaller fashion due to these time constraints.  A method I hope is explored as it could prove both empowering for women and beneficial to audiences alike as well as help convey a "superhero film" as art.  I still lean heavily on wanting Lucy Hale to portray Laura Kinney in a full origin feature though, but I do not want to entirely disregard the potential Ms. Gomez brings to the role either as after all she's gone through in her own life, she deserves a film or two that's about empowerment and rising with personal strength from within when others try to hold you down.  If even to remind herself that she can and to stay on that path of betterment avoiding the lies and hate others ignorantly spout her way.

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