Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Correction: Amazing X-Men Issue 8

During a previous announcement it was mentioned that X-23 would be in the 5 part story World War Wendigo.

If you were curious and only purchasing her comic appearances, you should know that part 1 of the story does not have her in it.

It is unknown if she will appear in a later part of the arc as there is story relevance to suggest she may yet appear.  I repeat though, Amazing X-Men Issue 8 does not contain an appearance by X-23.  There are still 4 more parts to this story as it unfolds but it's usage of current Marvel continuity, if you have previously followed Alpha Flight, is sketchy at best.

The first part of this story arc deliberately retcons the previous Alpha Flight miniseries into nonexistence.

Kinney Pride may be diving into this later as the story unfolds further to have a larger picture of the events and purpose of this story alongside Yost and Kyle's return to X-Men comics.  So long as it does not contain X-23 within its pages, that may be skipped entirely.

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