Sunday, June 15, 2014

Opinion: Kate Bishop & X-23 Should Crossover

I'm not sure what to really write for this one.  It more or less came from working on the previous superhero/action roles entry.

Kate Bishop Hawkeye and X-23 teaming up would make for some interesting stories in the comics.  With Kate Bishop as a private eye in LA or while on other cross road travels, it really presents some interesting story potential and also dives into Marvel's mutants and Avengers crossovers like Uncanny Avengers to continue on that synergy.

I kind of want to see it as it's own comic run.  The crossover potential between both of them to the rest of the Marvel leading ladies or other characters presents intriguing story potential for a long duration.  It'd be a fun comic to read with both sides balancing the other to keep it both serious yet lighthearted and quirky.

It feels like such a curious pairing that you'd think it'd at least be worth a miniseries to explore.  Maybe they could teach each other some new tips and tricks.  A road trip type case even would be especially fun.

Okay yes, and maybe I'm only looking for an excuse to include more Kate Bishop famous wit panels.

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