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Action/Super Hero Roles That'd Be Perfect For Lucy Hale If She Were Interested In Them.

Already a hero to many the world over, Lucy Hale is a multi-talented performer that never ceases to amaze in any role she portrays or endeavor she undertakes.  Today she reaches the milestone of turning 25 and we here at Kinney Pride are wishing her the best and hope all her birthday wishes come true.  In the spirit of celebrating such a milestone, I thought it might be prudent to take a look at how many future action/super hero roles are out there that she could portray with unmatched ease from the wealth of talent she displays routinely in all the work she does.

Anita Blake comes to mind from St. Louis author Laurel K. Hamilton's Vampire hunter series.  Ms. Hale's petite stature and her appearance with a red stripe in her hair as shown on Pretty Little Liars is a an exact match to the description of the character within Hamilton's books.  While Ms. Hale doesn't have any Latina heritage, it's often referenced in the books that Anita Blake while having that, is often confused for not because she lacks the majority of any such physical characteristics which includes having the similar fair skin as Ms. Hale has.

In anime & manga adaptations, there's Black Rock Shooter.  Though with her behind the character, the costume would need to be updated to suit the empowerment theme that the character often represents(in other words, more than a bikini top and hot pants under the trademark coat).  Battle Angel Alita that James Cameron has been working to bring to the big screen would also be extremely awe-inducing under her portrayal as the lead character.  Stocking of the Pantie and Stocking duo would be interesting too, and have a rather fun tongue in cheek art imitating life appeal.  Skuld from Ah! My Goddess is also a strong possibility with her inventive and curious nature.  Ah! My Goddess in general would be interesting to see adapted since the main characters themselves are the personification of human traits.  Belldandy is a caregiver, healer, and supportive.  Urd is all about the sexual appetite, and Skuld represents science, math, and engineering.  Ms. Hale could also easily portray Peorth from that series with an unmatched flair.  She also presents an interesting spin on Priss from Bubblegum Crisis, a series that's essentially about a team of 4 women in armor that kick more ass than Ironman and War Machine combined.  There's also Gall Force that would need to feature a cast of all women fighting to protect their race during a war in space.  Okay, that ones extremely convoluted to explain and could be dicey under the wrong director.

From left to right: Peorth, Urd, Belldandy, and Skuld from Ah! My Goddess.

Donna Troy.
Over at Warner Brothers with their DC licenses, there are many she'd be perfect for.  Donna Troy of the Amazons and Teen Titans would be an obvious choice, but there's also Dana Tan from Batman Beyond fame.  If Warner Brothers were feeling adventurous in trying to keep up or even outdo Marvel, there's also a plethora of characters in the deep space 30th century futuristic Legion of Superheroes that often travel back in time to the 20th century.  A team that has had ample audience exposure through various series cameos across the board and even previously held their own animated series.  This kind of property could do well to outshine Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy and could even give WB better footing into the comic movie scene while they are still figuring out how to handle their mainstays in a unified front(which they're doing a much better streamlined job of with the rumored upcoming 3 movies a year pattern!).  Such characters as Shrinking Violet, Phantom Girl, or possibly Shadow Lass from the Legion of Super Heroes are all easily within Ms. Hale's wheelhouse and would be highly memorable under her skills, lasting within the minds of audiences world-wide.  Ms. Hale has mentioned before that if she could have any super powers, it'd be flight or time travel, and the Legion gives her a chance at both.  Then of course there's also the Nu52 Teen Titan Raven that'd be quite hypnotic under her talents and the vast emotional spectrum she's displayed in her various roles to date.

When it comes to the Fox Marvel license arena, the immediate one that comes to mind is X-23.  Ms. Hale outright is Laura Kinney down to even the hue of her eyes.  This is one of those castings where immediately you wonder why even bother looking at other characters for Ms. Hale, or even any other actresses for Laura Kinney since she evokes the characteristics so emphatically onscreen and with natural ease.  On the slim chance Ms. Hale were passed over for that role(of which a casting director would have to be blind to not see that potential!) there's also Sage, Aurora, Blindfold, or either of the Vale sisters(Preview and Network).  She would also make for an absolutely stunning rendition of the mutant named Wicked.  I personally lean X-23 is the role she's destined for, but if not, Wicked herself would be an absolute jaw dropping addition as well and carries interesting potential within her abilities for cinema.

With the Fantastic 4 rights area, there's Galacta, the daughter of Galactus.  While this oft 'hangry' character may never be adapted(though Fox really should, she'd be fun!), the perfection this pairing presents should not be overlooked.  If Fox wanted to get on the ball and show they can cast right, personally I'd say all three characters(X-23, Wicked, and Galacta) should all be given to Ms. Hale.  Though I've yet to figure out how Lucy Hale could portray both X-23(preferred!) and Wicked within the same cinematic universe, Galacta as an all-powerful cosmic being is easier to let slide when she portrays one of the other two mutants.  It may even present a unique and fun cinematic moment if X-23 and Galacta were in a scene together similar to a moment the Galacta: Daughter Of Galactus comic presented with Wolverine.  (And while at it, I'm going to go ahead and shamelessly plug Gali's official Galacta: Daughter of Galactus twitter account.)

Over in the Disney Marvel camp, Kate Bishop stands out as one that needs to be added to the cinematic universe and is perfect for Ms. Hale to pick the quiver up for.(Plus she has said before she is pretty good with a bow and arrow!  So it sounds like a match made in heaven!)  Not only would this allow her to work with Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark, but it'd also allow fans the colorful wit they've come to expect from Hawkeye thanks to Jeremy Renner's portrayal.  His having a more-savy-and-experienced-than-he young protege like in his Marvel Now series could prove highly fun as well as yield interesting Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. cameos and scenes.  It presents ample potential for his own solo film that is almost more needed now than even Black Widow's since she's been appearing in the other phase 2 films and he hasn't. (That's not to say Black Widow doesn't need a prequel film or solo feature of her own though!)  If they were inclined to expand on the Guardians of the Galaxy roster over time, there's also Cammi who is currently appearing in Avengers Undercover after her stint in Avengers Arena.  Ms. Hale could also easily portray Fantasia of the Winter Guard.  A team that is the Russian equivalent of the Avengers and could be added to the cinematic universe as it branches out larger.

Kate Bishop though seems like the perfect fit for her overall.  She fits Kate Bishop about as perfect as she does X-23.(And if you caught the season 5 premiere of PLL, you should see why I say this for both characters!)  I can't see any other actress portraying either of those roles as well as she would.  The rights for each being held by two different companies(Disney with Avengers and Fox with X-Men) works in favor of this possibility.  It carries its own symmetry within for how to convey different ends of the young heroine spectrum and not only would it give her two iconic hero roles, but it'd make her outright the in demand young actress of Hollywood.  After both those roles, well, we've seen what Mystique and Hunger Games did for Jennifer Lawrence.  The Kate Bishop and X-23 roles combined like that would rank even higher in the minds of audiences world-wide.  Add in her already iconic role of Aria from Pretty Little Liars, and you have a recipe for an actress that could make the audiences the world over spine's tingle from the sheer amount of star power and awesomeness she encapsulates.  Oh and she sings country music too?  Well hot damn, no other auditions needed.  Everyone else can go home now.

Lucy Hale is the rising star to keep on eye on in the coming years.  Whether it's the musical passions she's finally reached that's been her dream since going to LA, or her portrayal of Aria over in Pretty Little Liars, she (as well as her 3 co-stars!) carries an unmatched skill for the performance arts.  She'll soon be making her debut at the Grand Ole Opry itself on June 21st!  One solid week from today!  So from the bottom of our hearts here at Kinney Pride, we wish you the best birthday imaginable Ms. Hale.  You've truly earned all that life may bring in your future and hope you enjoy every minute of it.  It's long overdue for you to be recognized for the kind, sweet and amazing woman that you are inside and out.  You are a person unlike any other out there, and for that I personally commend and salute you.  Road Between itself has to be one of the single best music albums period that I've ever heard.  For anyone out there that hasn't already purchased a copy, you may want to. (If you can find it! Recently discovered locally that it's sold out and this area isn't the only one!)  It's more than worth the price and can be found on both Amazon as well as iTunes.  Target and Walmart each have their own exclusive tracks too.  It's one of those rare albums where there's not a single song you'll want to skip while it plays and you will want to find every song.  The absolutely glowing reviews each avenue of release has on display are not exaggerations.  It is that amazing.

You can see her exercise her performance arts talents every Tuesday at 8/7 central in the show Pretty Little Liars on ABC Family.  This season looks like it will further prove the point that she is the actress and singer to watch in the coming years with all that she attempts and succeeds at with an unmatched grace from simply being herself with no pretense.  Be sure to check out a possible upcoming tour for her hit album Road Between.  Announcements about that might be coming to light possibly anywhere from now to near Autumn.  One can only hope a world tour announcement for next year will not be long after so she can visit Tokyo and Australia even!  You can follow her on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to keep up to date on all her endeavors!

To give you some scope of how much admiration I have for her and her skills: I've once said I refuse to take any fan labels as they carry too many connotations of blind fan worship and bias.  Lucy Hale is the exception.  I am proud to call myself one of her Halers and feel no shame in saying that.

Once again thank you Ms. Hale and enjoy your day.  It may be half of 50, but you've always given 110% and will forever make hearts sing from simply being you and showing what having real class and strength is.  For that and more, I give my deepest sincerest thanks and appreciation.

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