Saturday, June 14, 2014

Happy Birthday to Lucy Hale.

Lucy Hale has quickly become the lone favorite for who should portray X-23 from her vast filmography that includes such work as Bionic Woman, Pretty Little Liars, Fear IslandSorority Wars, A Cinderella Story: Once Upon A Song, Scream 4, among more! Today, June 14th, is her 25th birthday.

Due to complicated circumstances, Kinney Pride has wasted years on not recognizing Ms. Hale's potential though she has always been on our radar and wholeheartedly had our support & respect.  Thankfully she has clawed her way to the top with her spirit, innate talent, hard work, and her dedicated work ethic.

Not only has she reached her dreams of a music career, and shown routinely that she is the actress to watch in the coming years as she and the rest of her cast mates display routinely on Pretty Little Liars, she is also a true role model for youth.  She doesn't accept abuse from anyone.  She understands and avoids toxic bad love by staying out of abusive relationships.  She gives thanks and gratitude, but also doesn't kiss ass to be where she is.  She doesn't use people, and is one of the kindest, sweetest, & most humblest people you'll ever meet.  She genuinely cares for her Halers, and they are some of the most supportive fans you'll ever meet.  They never talk badly of anyone, and always uplift her with kind supportive words.  She treats her Halers as friends, and they return it in kind.  Having never sought out fan worship, only attempting to pursue her dreams, she constantly thanks them for the support.  She often admits to being surprised at how much she is admired, and is glowing with thanks & appreciation from how they help her along the way to remind her to stay true to herself.

She's even celebrating her birthday with her fans in a special Sherwood Oaks Macy's concert in LA today.  A venue that has a more personalized touch.  From my previous experience (went to her St. Jude's concert at the Hard Rock Cafe in Memphis back in April), she really does connect with her audience and give that personal touch in how she makes eye contact with everyone to acknowledge their presence with a warm smile.  In the way she performs at these more personalized venues, she seemingly thanks every person that shows up, making them feel welcomed and thanked for being there with her enthusiastic demeanor & kindness.

Sure there may be a few rotten eggs that try to sexualize her and scream sexual harassment remarks her way, sadly like all women deal with daily, but she ignores them with an unmatched grace and lives her life her way unhindered by the patriarchal standards perpetuated.  She makes no pretense for who she is, yet still carries herself with self-respect and an earnest will to do what she loves while enjoying all that life offers.

You know this should become a meme right?
Aria knocking a bitch OUT is a classic already.

She is a truly beautiful woman inside and out that does what she can to help charities when her name is needed, but also helps those same charities monthly without ever saying a word or using it for press(yes, I noticed).  She doesn't brag or use it for publicity, but instead does what she does to help because she can and it's the right thing to do with the position she's in.  The few times it has come up, she has used it to encourage others but never mentions how much she personally donates, only that every bit of help counts.

She doesn't put herself on a pedestal, but instead often seems to think of herself as just any other person and is quick to admit she often gets starstruck by all that surrounds her while she lives her dreams.  She stays grounded but confident, never giving way to arrogance or being a braggart, but still proud of all she accomplished as she should be.

She is a true every woman that helps others and does so with an unmatched spirit of strength, love, tranquility and inner peace.  Laughing and enjoying life along the way.  It's no wonder that she's not only Kinney Pride's top and only pick for X-23, but also Kinney Pride's top and only pick for Kate Bishop of Hawkeye fame.

Happy birthday Lucy Hale.  May the next two quarters be as memorable as you take over the world and become an A-list star & country icon that's name is synonymous with all the greats that have come before.  You're already an A-list star & country music legend in our book.

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